For a long while now, we’ve been talking about how we eventually want to take a fresh look at the balance of all Dofus eggs and re-evaluate how they are obtained.

Many of you have expressed regret that some Dofus (yes, the plural of “Dofus” is “Dofus”) are not powerful enough, their stats are too variable, and acquiring many of them is a process that is slaved to chance and luck rather than merit.

In this article, we’ll present a summary of what we expect to change in the short term and the long term to improve the function of these Dofus and how they are obtained.

Getting Those Dofus!

Several Dofus can only be obtained by fighting a boss many, many times, because they have an extremely low drop rate (Turquoise, Crimson, Emerald, and Vulbis, for example). Many of you have told us that you don’t like this system, because it is based solely on luck, and involves an excessive amount of “grinding” out fights that have little difficulty or entertainment when fought by characters who are overleveled.

In comparison, we have the Ochre Dofus, or the Ice Dofus. These Dofus are obtained by completing quests. Even if the quest is long and difficult, it has a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Players know exactly what they must do to get the Dofus, they can progress at their own pace, and track their progression towards getting their Dofus with relative ease. This method does not require players to rely too much on luck, and seems to correspond to the expectations of the community. They are both quests that reward characters based on their investment and merit.

For all future Dofus that are released, we will be using a similar method to that of the Ochre or Ice Dofus, and we are planning to review how current Dofus (Turquoise, Crimson, Emerald, and Vulbis) are obtained.

Revising the existing Dofus will take a long time, because we need to put a series of quests and goals that will allow players to obtain these Dofus in a regular and systematic way, without making it trivial. This requires that we develop a new set of challenges and goals that offer players a sufficient challenge.

For now, we have decided that, when we create a major new quest to obtain a Dofus, we will also remove that Dofus as a random drop from the boss that once dropped it. We believe that leaving the Dofus as a drop will push players to continue grinding uninteresting fights rather than embarking on an epic quest. In addition, if we want a Dofus to highlight its owner’s achievements and personal merit by making it the reward of such a quest, allowing players to continue getting that Dofus through luck undercuts that achievment.

Our goal is not to make getting a Dofus harder, but we want the process to be less random, less repetitive, and less frustrating. We want it to be fair, and for players who earn a Dofus to be able to say “I got it because I deserved it, I finished this epic quest to get it” not “I got it because I huge stroke of luck while grinding fights on this particular monster...”

Quests to obtain a Dofus should offer players tangible progress, even if the quest is a long one. We do not want players to be discouraged by luck... or their lack of it!

Random stat rolls and power

When we change the way that a Dofus is obtained, we use that opportunity to retroactively update its stats. Some Dofus are not powerful enough compared to the difficulty of obtaining them and compared to other similar trophies or pieces of equipment. For example, we plan to significantly increase the power of the Crimson Dofus.

However, we do not want all Dofus to be equally powerful. The quest for a Dofus should not be limited only to the highest of high-level characters. We want players to start some quests for a Dofus early in their gameplay, they should not wait until they are level 200 before starting to collect their first Dofus! This means that some Dofus will be easier to access (and less powerful) than others.

The Emerald Dofus, for example, is targeted at “medium” level players (around 100, give or take 10 to 20 levels). Because of this, we do not want this Dofus to be an incredibly powerful piece of equipment (but we will increase its bonus in the future, but it will not be as powerful as a Turq).
Speaking of the Turquois Dofus, we do not plan to reduce the power of it or the other current Dofus.

We will also retroactively remove the random stats of these Dofus when we add a quest for them. After all, these Dofus quests are not repeatable, we want players to receive the same reward for the same amount of effort. Also, it’s important to remove this frustration of being able to roll a low Dofus stat. After all, if you have what it takes to get a Dofus, you need a powerful Dofus! Not some cheap and disappointing version, mocking you from your own inventory!

Regarding trophies, a small reminder on our current policy: we do not want Dofus to replace all trophies as the single best option. We want the best equipment for a character to be a combination of trophies and Dofus in order to keep the equipment system rich and robust. If even a weak Dofus is always a better alternative than any trophy, the number of possible optimal equipment combinations becomes very small and the system as a whole is much poorer.

Of course, most Dofus will also be more difficult to obtain than trophies, so we want to ensure that a Dofus will be more powerful than trophies that offer the same type of bonus (the Ochre’s lack of restrictions makes it more flexible than a Jackanapes trophy, for example).

Linked Items

In the long term, we have decided to link all Dofus to the account that completes its related quest, as we consider the Dofus “sacred” items, and we want players who use them to have earned their use by completing specific objectives associated with these Dofus.

We do not see Dofus simply as equipment that provides a bonus, wearing a Dofus is a reward that demonstrates the perseverance and persistence of the player. For us, a Dofus is a form of Achievement - an honorary item that you can proudly display to others to show what you’ve accomplished in the game.

Being able to buy and sell this type of object means losing much of that significance. While it’s true that having the power and fortitude to collect the kamas necessary to buy a Dofus is in itself an achievement not to be taken lightly, earning kamas does not correspond to the specific objectives we want to set for acquiring each Dofus.

However, we are interested in the possibility for players to smooth their path to their Dofus either by getting help from other players, or dipping into their personal vault of kamas. The Ochre Dofus quest is a good example; it’s possible to buy soul stones in the market, or trade with other players, but it’s still a quest that requires organization and planning.
Wherever possible, we will try to give players ways to accelerate and simplify access to Dofus quests using their personal fortune or through cooperation with friends, but we do not want a Dofus to be purchased directly from another player without its future owner being involved in the overall quest for the Dofus in question.

Taking the next step: The Cawwot Dofus

On August 20, update 2.14 will refresh and improve The Wabbit Islands and its dungeons with new rewards, new monsters, new graphics, new quests, and more... And since we’re upgrading the entire area, we decided to also upgrade the Cawwot Dofus and how players acquire it!
Here’s what will change:
  • You will no longer need to trade a Wa Wabbit set for a Cawwot Dofus
  • All Cawwot Dofus will have a fixed +60 Wisdom bonus.
  • Cawwot Dofus will now be linked to its owner’s account (but it can be traded between characters on the same account).
  • This Dofus will now be obtained by unlocking certain achievements. It will be necessary to run the two new dungeons and complete some new quests.
  • A Cawwot Dofus can now only be obtained once per character (it has a standard, fixed bonus, so it will not be necessary to try to get several per character in hopes of receiving a better bonus).

These changes will all be retroactive - after 2.14, all current Cawwot Dofus will have a +60 Wisdom bonus and will be bound to the account that owns them. Characters that already have a Cawwot Dofus when 2.14 is released will still be able to complete the Cawwot Dofus quest and receive a second Cawwot Dofus.

Please note: you should avoid accumulating unnecessary Cawwot Dofus on the same account before the release of 2.14. After August 20, you will not be able to sell these items or trade them with other accounts.

These changes will be negative for some players who deal in selling Cawwot Dofus, but we think that they are very positive for all other characters in the game... and if they work their connections well between now and the release, they may be able to recoup a great deal of their investment!


When is this happening?
The 2.14 update is scheduled for the end of August. At this point, only the Cawwot Dofus will be affected by these modifications. We don't have a date set for the other Dofus, as incorporating quests and achievements for acquiring old Dofus is extremely time-consuming. However, if ever we were to add new Dofus in future updates, they would be earned via a quest-based method from the outset (like the Ochre Dofus and the Ice Dofus, for example).

What can we do to get ready?
For the Cawwot Dofus, it's relatively simple: all you have to do is avoid leaving too many Dofus on a single account at the time of the update. Until then, try to sell or exchange any Dofus you don't use.
For the other Dofus, it'll be months before anything is done, but we'll let you know in advance each time a Dofus is going to be modified so that you'll have time to prepare yourselves.

More linked items?!
Let's face it; the Dofus aren't just any old items! Just like achievements, we don't want them to be exchangeable and open to commercialisation; we'd rather they were honorary rewards that are linked to your account because your characters managed to earn them themselves. Don't worry, we're not going to start linking all the powerful items in the game. We attach great importance to trade and to the game's economic system – two of the things that make DOFUS special. But we want to reward players for their accomplishments by giving them certain items that only they can equip.

We're not trying to gradually limit the part trading plays in the game. We know that many players prefer to concentrate on one or a few activities, earning kamas in these activities and spending them on items originally won by other players via other activities. The fact that it's possible to pick and choose one's activities in this way without being penalised is one of the game's strong points, but we also wish to reward the players who devote time to many activities and who succeed in overcoming the various challenges we put in place. As well as the linked Dofus, we will continue to regularly add new recipes, new items and new ways for characters to take part in activities which provide them with money-making opportunities through trade. For several years now, we have been trying to make the game's economy fully independent of NPCs and we've been placing more and more emphasis on trading. We plan to continue in this direction, and we don't think a small minority of linked items (the Dofus) will be enough to sidetrack this general principle, especially when you consider the fact that obtaining Dofus can be made much easier using kamas if players take the social initiative of asking for help or trading favours with other players.

But why modify the existing Dofus?
We don't want to have different types of Dofus (old and new versions) in circulation. What's more, some players invested a great deal of time and effort into getting their current Dofus, so it seems logical to ensure that they too benefit from the improvements that the Dofus are undergoing, even if they didn't acquire theirs by completing a dedicated quest.

What will happen when players assemble the six “true” Dofus?
Something unimaginably incredible will happen. For more information, please consult our Devblog article.
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