In this second article about the production of Krismahlo Island, we’ll take a closer look at the work of Flash animator Rumo. We’re going to see a step-by-step breakdown of the creation of one of the new monsters from Krismahlo Island: the Morongrel.

Just like the animated cut scene in Part 1, the first step of the process is sketching. This is where our character designer develops the character of the monster and defines its main features. In general, this uses very little paper, because Rumo’s favorite tool is Flash!

Using these sketches, Rumo designs the basic static poses and the key poses for the spell and attack animations in order to keep the appearance of the monster consistent within the game. And he does it all with just his mouse and graphics tablet.

When the static poses have been finalized, it’s time to animate! Each piece of the sprite must be adjusted, moved, dragged, transformed… until the monster comes to life and can move and fight within the game!

Of course, each movement must be constructed in two different views, front and back, so the monster can properly move around the map. Once that is completed, the Morongrel is ready to chomp any unwary adventurers who wander by.

With the animations complete, any special effects (like sparkle particles, etc) are added and the sprite is sent to Greg in Sound Design for a sonic makeover.

Step by step, we've revealed the birth of one of the monsters from Krismahlo Island, but it's far from the only creature that will come to life in Update 2.15! Six new monsters are waiting for you in this new area, and here's a small glimpse...

See you again next time for our third and final devblog in this series, when we'll explore the craft of level design!

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