Since the introduction of guild alliances, the community has, on multiple occasions, raised the issue of insufficient rewards offered by the conquest of territories. We have worked on this aspect of AvA for the 2.16 update.

Summary of the new system:

Prisms will generate a new resource (nuggets) that will be used to purchase various rewards (emotes, petsmounts, etc) inside the Alliance temple. Nuggets and AvA rewards will be exchangeable, so those who do not want to participate in AvA can still enjoy rewards associated with it.

Petsmount plumage parade!

The higher the level of an area, the more rewards it will generate. The rewards will be generated according to the following formula: 1 nugget per hour per zone level (so, for example, a level 150 area will generate 150 nuggets per hour).

Retrieving rewards:

We have therefore chosen to add a reward recovery mode, which requires the alliance with prisms to endanger and expose their territory to enemy attacks. To retrieve the nuggets generated by a prism, the defenders will have to win the prism’s final battle (KotH).

A full prism that's just itching to be sabotaged...

The defenders will be able to make their own prism vulnerable: characters with prism placing rights will be able to click on a prism and select the “Activate sabotage state” when they are on the same map as the said prism. The sabotaged state is identical to the weakened state, but we gave it a different name (and a different colour on the map) to allow players to easily distinguish prisms that were defeated from prisms who were weakened intentionally by their own alliance.

Ah, a brand new prism!
We'll leave it alone for now... for now.

Once KotH is over, the prism's accumulated nuggets are divided and distributed as additional drops on monsters in the area. If the defenders win, 100% of the nuggets are distributed. If the attackers win, 50% of the nuggets are distributed, and the other 50% are destroyed. We want to favour the defenders who are able to protect their areas, offering them the possibility of more rewards.

Nuggets galore on Krismahlo Island!

The nuggets added as extra drops are made visible through a specific icon permanently displayed above mobs (like for Archmonsters). Only the owners of the area (be they victorious defenders or attackers) can see these icons and are able to retrieve these nuggets as drops.

Nothing beats the joy of plucking nuggets
from the smoking carcase of some innocent monster.

If a member of another alliance (one that does not own the area) or a character without an alliance fights a group of monsters that has nuggets, they will automatically be redistributed to another group of monsters in this area.


  • A prism is defeated (it passes through the weakened state), or it is sabotaged by its own alliance that wants to retrieve nuggets.
  • The prism goes into vulnerable state after at least 24 hours.
  • KotH takes place to see who will win the area.
  • KotH is over. 100% of the nuggets are distributed as additional drops from mobs in the area if the defenders won, 50% of the nuggets are distributed if the defenders lose.
  • Members of the alliance that owns the area after KotH can now face the mobs in the said area and gather the nuggets.
  • They can then redeem or sell their nuggets to other players or exchange them for rewards that are specific to AvA, available inside the Alliance temple.


With this new system, we are pushing alliances that have territories to make their prisms vulnerable, if they want to get the rewards they generate.

We also provide the opportunity to approach the AVA system in a different manner, in a much more opportunistic way, since by simply winning a KotH, it becomes possible to gather nuggets even if the alliance fails to keep the area afterwards.

We also weaken alliances that control many areas, as they will have to manage a significant number of KotH if they want to enjoy the rewards offered by the AVA system.

We are relying on these awards to provide additional interest for the areas of the game in which the bonus experience and current drops are not sufficient to justify the investment of their conquest and defense.

By indexing the generation of nuggets on the level of areas, we intend to scale the interest of each area in order to offer areas tailored to the ambitions of each alliance.


AvA taxes:

This reward system won’t be the last iteration of the Alliance system. in the coming months, we still plan to improve the management of rights, offer new options for the management of alliances, add new modules prism to personalize areas, etc.

We are also working on a possible exponential tax system (based on the number of areas and controlled villages) that would encourage alliances to settle for areas they can monetize and exploit, without imposing a fixed limit on the number of villages and areas they can control. Such taxes would ideally be negligible for alliances that control some areas (less than 5, for example) but could become quite significant for other alliances who want to control more areas.

Questions & Answers:

  What is the maximum number of nuggets that a prism can accumulate?
There will be no actual limit to the number of nuggets that a prism can accumulate. Knowing that most players will wait before putting their own prisms in sabotaged state, the higher the number of nuggets these prisms accumulate, the more interest other alliance will have in attacking and making enemy prisms vulnerable.

  What happens if there are still outstanding nuggets on mobs when the area changes hands (another alliance conquers the area)?
The remaining nuggets are transferred as additional drops for the alliance that becomes the new owner of the area. There is no “nugget destruction” at this stage, just a transfer.

  Some areas have no monsters, will they benefit from this system?
No, these areas do not benefit from the nugget system. We will rely on future specific modules to provide additional interest to the few areas that do not contain monsters.

  Why don’t you establish direct rewards based on participation in AvA?
Participation in AVA can not be measured effectively, since it is relatively easy to generate fake fights. We prefer a system that potentially rewards all members of the alliance that controls a particular area, right after a KotH stage. It is then up to the alliances to organize themselves to manage the distribution of these nuggets among its members or guilds.

  Will the nuggets be used for anything other than to buy petsmounts and emotes?
We intend to gradually add other (unlinked) rewards that can be purchased via nuggets, but for the time being, we’d prefer to study how these new awards will flow through the economy between players.

  Will perceptors be able to gather nuggets?
Nuggets cannot be gathered by perceptors, as only the owners of an area will be able to collect the nuggets that are available as additional drops.