We haven't talked about interface improvements for a while now, so it's time we got back to it. 
The 2.18 update contains a lot of small, and less small, changes, and we'll let you discover most of them in-game. However, for the less patient, here's a peak at some of the improvements planned for the DOFUS client.


In the 2.16 update, we added a display for the current minimum selling price when selecting an item in order to sell it, and a display of the total sum in kamas of the items put up for sale by the player.
This time, to further pursue our course of improving the selling the process of items, we added the possibility to directly modify the price of an item that you have already put up for sale.
As it stands, now, when you click an item that you have already put up for sale, in addition to the Remove button, you'll find a Modify button. 
By default, the pack's price is selected, to allow for a quick edition, and the Enter key, that used to remove the pack, now validates the price change.
An item which price is modified will see his remaining selling time reset.

However, this price modification still has a cost and some will notice the arrival of a new information in the market information bubble: the price modification tax.

For a regular sale, no need to remind you how your tax is calculated since it's a mere 2% off the selling price.
Otherwise, for a price modification, the calculation is a bit more complex: you'll have to pay the modification tax of 1% off the new price and then, if the new price is higher than the current one, add the 2% selling tax off the difference.
Which means, for a 1000k item that we want to increase to 10000k: (10000 x 1%) + (9000 x 2%) = 100 + 180 = 280k
And for a 10000k item decreased to 1000k: (1000 x 1%) + (0 x 2%) = 10k
In addition to this functionality, the items in the player's selling stock are now sorted by decreasing age, which means that those with the smallest remaining selling time are displayed first, in order to see the packs that expire soonest more easily.


Other improve following up on the previous patchs: the simplification, or at least some form of tediousness eradication while still keeping connection safety. 
While previous updates allowed the direct logging in of the last played character and the immediate character or server change, this time, it's once again the login interface who takes advantage of this update to keep in memory the last ten account names on which the player logged in. 
The account names for which the identification procedure failed are not saved. 
You have to note that it is obviously still possible to not save an account name upon login by checking off the corresponding box, or to remove a saved account name.



Following the addition of the possibility to enter a kolossium match as a spectator, we realized players are mostly interested in fights in which they know someone, generally a friend or a guildie. So we decided to emphasize fights featuring people who are part of a player's social circle. 

It all started a few months back, with the interface listing the fights on a map, when the fights of people you know were displayed before fights with only strangers in them.

Now, with update 2.18, a new feature will allow you to watch your friends' fights directly, without even having to leave your favorite Zaap.

Of course, it's only the first of a few steps and various improvement possibilities that still need to be studied for the next few updates. 

We would like, in the end, for the friend list to be automatically refreshed in order to always give you an up-to-date fight list and the display of the spectator block, when active. We're also thinking, if all goes well and you're happy with it, of extending this system to the guild members list. 

Nevertheless, right now you can still already follow in real time your friends' fights, to give them advice or just to share the most epic moments of their dungeon runs.


For the breeding, we added some improvements to the paddock filters, following talks we had with breeders and game designers. 

First of all, we added several filters that couldn't be duplicated using a combination of filters that were already in place:
  • Sufficient love: targets dragoturkeys with 7500 or more love
  • Sufficient stamina: targets dragoturkeys with 7500 or more endurance
  • Maximum energy: targets dragoturkeys with the highest possible energy value
  • Spritely mount: this filter already existed but it now displays mounts with 0 tiredness
  • Mount < 50% tired: targets dragoturkeys with 50% or less tiredness
  • Mount > 50% tired: targets dragoturkeys with 50% or more tiredness
  • Mount 100% tired: targets dragoturkeys with maximum tiredness
In addition to that, the "Immature" filter has been renamed "Lacks maturity" for standardization purposes.
Next, the filter category list has been sorted again, in order to be able to access the filters which are most commonly used with less scrolling. They are now ordered as such:
  • All types
  • Male mount
  • Female mount
  • Fertile mount
  • Infertile mount
  • Positive serenity
  • Negative serenity
  • Average serenity
  • Needs love
  • Needs stamina
  • Needs energy
  • Needs maturity
  • Love sufficient
  • Stamina sufficient
  • Impregnated mount
  • Newly-born mount
  • Nameless mount
  • Untrained mount
  • Spritely mount
  • Mount 100% tired
  • Mount < 50% tired
  • Mount > 50% tired
  • Mount sterilised
  • Maximum energy
  • Ridable mount 
  • Special mount
Furthermore, in order to better differentiate between filter types, category filters will always be displayed first; then ability filters, which are now displayed in pine green; and the color filters, displayed in light blue. 



One last modification before letting you test all this in-game: the perceptor list has been slightly re-arranged.

While the perceptors were previously sorted by name, they are now sorted by decreasing number of pods. 

Furthermore, perceptors placed by the player will always be at the top of the list and be recognizable by their orange-colored heading. They are also sorted by decreasing number of pods.

Beware though, despite this new organization, attacked or fighting perceptors still stay on the top of the list to allow for a better defense or a better follow-up of quick fights.

We hope that these modification, as well as every other interface improvement or correction, will make the game even more fun to you, and we wish you all a happy update!
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