The DOFUS Uplauncher (the software that downloads and updates your game client) new version has been in testing on the Beta servers for many months already! Many of you have had a chance to test this new version. It's more graphic and more efficient. Time has come to progressively undergo this new version's deployment on the regular servers.

But before we start, what does this new Uplauncher offer to you, the players?

A faster Uplauncher!

The main goal of this Uplauncher revamp was to improve its performance and reliability.
For instance, the Uplauncher can now identify the smaller patches for each files, making sure that you don't download anything you don't need.

Decompression of files is now done in cache memory, during download, which minimizes disc usage. Besides improving performances, this improves the longevity of SSD drives as well, which are becoming more and more popular, most notably in laptops.
It also executes several downloads/decompressions at the same time to take advantage of multi-core processors. The number of files needing to be updated is no longer only decided by the differences between your version and the latest version. No need to install 36 different patches after several weeks away from the game!
With this new system, updates are going to be a lot faster. Remember though that the ultimate speed of the Uplauncher will still depend upon your internet connection's performance.
Finally, the new Uplauncher's architecture allows the automatic repair of the game should any one or several file become corrupted... No more "A file couldn't be patched" errors!
On a more global scale, the new Uplauncher works a lot better on the different operating systems. It becomes more compatible with more Linux distributions, and integration with the OSX interface is vastly improved. On Windows, we get to enjoy better handling of admin rights (say good-bye to the mandatory validation each time the Uplauncher launches).

A simpler, more beautiful Uplauncher!

The interface has been entirely rethought and simplified. We managed to suppress some useless or redundant elements in order to focus on the important information.
You'll still be able to find the game's latest news, but in a more graphic and colorful fashion, with the possibility to integrate videos, like for instance an update's trailer.

We think this system is easier to read, and will offer more diversity than the news feed you were accustomed to until now... Something to help make your wait less painful during updates!

New Uplauncher deployment

Replacing the old Uplaunchers used by players in favor of the new version will be done gradually. Although we enjoyed a long test period with this new Uplauncher, this kind of transition is never without issues, and we want to be sure we can listen to every player's feedback.

On February 19, 2014, we will definitively suppress the old updater from our download servers to replace it with the new version. Thus, all players who start to play for the first time after this date or who reinstall the game will use it.

Between March 13 and April 14, 2014, we will enforce the transition towards the new updater for Windows users, in small groups. Each day, a small part of the players will see their Uplauncher update on its own and transition automatically to the new version. This way, we will be able to follow the way the migration is handled more easily and more closely.

Starting April 14, 2014, the Uplauncher's old version will completely cease to update the client and thus force the last players who have held out to download and use the new version.

The automatic update from the old Uplauncher version to the new one isn't possible for Mac and Linux users. Those players will need to completely uninstall their Uplauncher and reinstall it starting February 19, 2014, using the installer available for download on the website.

A FAQ will be available on the Support website to help answer the various issues you could encounter during this migration. And in case any issue comes up, don't you worry, the Zip version will remain available to ensure an immediate access to the game!

In the same way that the DOFUS revamp has opened up new horizons in game evolution, revamping the Uplauncher makes it more upgradeable, and will allow us to add new features to it in the coming months.
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