In 2014, there will be mysterious new areas to discover in the game that works differently than the areas you know already. The first Divine Dimension will be available in the 2.19 update, and we'll be adding others this year.

"It used to be better":

It's been a long time since dying in a dungeon was really something to fear, when people earned their place in the world of DOFUS, when each and every Kama was a souvenir of some incredible challenge. It used to be better, we hear the venerable players of old say!
For several years, we've been trying to make DOFUS content much more accessible and less frustrating (modular dungeons, dungeon savepoints, teleportation to the dungeon entrance, Bunches of Keys, etc.), all while offering even more of a challenge (high-level content with difficult achievements).
But we know there are players who look down upon these new comforts, who believe that succeeding at difficult tasks in the game has lost any meaning because failure is inconsequential.
For example, it's possible (thanks to modular dungeons, teleportation, and savepoints) to try dozens and dozens of times to beat a boss over just a few hours, until you find the approach that works. In olden times, all this wasn't possible. A fight could never be so quickly abandoned, since each attempt was precious. For some players, this made the satisfaction of having succeeded that much greater.

With the Divine Dimensions, we're looking to achieve the following principal objectives:
  • Offer players a "survival" mode (it will definitely be necessary to prepare BEFORE adventuring into one of these zones).
  • Make risk-taking interesting and challenging.
  • Make death more punishing in some areas (to avoid situations where players can make countless attempts without even the slightest consequence).
  • Make it important to balance your characters and teams.
  • Offer new game mechanics that might not work well with classic zones in order to renew interest in the game.

To achieve these objectives, we're using 3 new mechanics for the Divine Dimensions: dimension entrance portals, waves of monsters, and combat modifiers.



Before you can go bother the Gods in their dimensions, you'll first need to find the way in. But this entrance won't be immobile like a zaap, hidden behind a tree or a stone – instead, you'll need to find a dimensional portal.

These portals are hidden by default, invisible to players. To find them, you'll need to set off on a mission assigned to you from a special new building, and then you'll get visual hints that will guide you to the location of the portal.

These portal discovery quests are dynamic: they're generated by the game server and regularly renewed with different solutions.

Once a player discovers the exact location of a portal, it will become visible to all players and anyone can use it to enter the dimension at their own risk.

A portal has a limited number of uses - once they're used up or if the portal isn't used for 24 hours, it will close and respawn (hidden) elsewhere on the server.

There can be only one active portal for any particular dimension at a time, which means that players share the same portals, and can let each other know where they are.
Not all players who want to enter a Divine Dimension need to find the portal themselves; all the players on the server can take advantage of an exposed portal if even a single player has found the entrance.
Of course, certain players may wish to keep this important information to themselves, but that won't stop other players from looking for, and finding, the portal.

The portals can appear most places in the game, regardless of the area's level.
This portal system makes accessing the Divine Dimensions more difficult and the players won't be able to come and go as they like. Because of this, they'll need to make sure they're prepared before running off to explore a Divine Dimension.


Dungeons and waves of monsters:

The way dungeons work in Divine Dimensions is be different: the fights will be chained together, one after the other, without pause, in the same room (so, for example, it won't be possible to restore your HP between two groups of monsters)!

Once a wave of monsters is defeated, the next one will automatically appear without a pause in the fight. And if you're not fast enough, a new wave of monsters can even appear before the last one is beaten!

The monsters and Boss are, of course, adapted to this purpose, and fights with waves of monsters will require a good balance between healing, damage, protection and support, but it will also be possible to use techniques emphasizing protection and healing to survive for a long time, or use tactics emphasizing damage to kill off the waves as quickly as possible.

This means that dungeons within these dimensions will not have save points, since all the groups of monsters will be together in a single fight. If you lose the fight, you'll have to start all over again with the first wave. However, if you're defeated, you won't need to use a new dungeon key.
Dimensional dungeons aren't any longer than classic dungeons: they have 5 waves of monsters (current dungeons generally have 5 waves of monsters).

In other news, it won’t be possible to teleport a group to the dimensional dungeons – each person must find the dimension entrance and get there by their own means.
The Bunch of Keys will not be usable in the Divine Dimensions – players will need to create or buy all of their keys. Craftsmen are going to be very busy in 2014!

With this game mechanic, losing a fight is much more punishing, as any players who fail will be removed from the Divine Dimension, have to find the entrance again, and start the fight over again from the first wave. With all these changes, it won't be nearly as easy to chain together multiple attempts against a boss.
For these dungeons, we want players to prepare beforehand, to study and get to know each monster, and not waste precious attempts.

Of course, the modular function of dungeons will be kept and the difficulty will change with the size of your group.


Combat modifiers:

For all fights taking place in a Divine Dimension (outside of a dungeon), supplementary effects will be applied during the entire fight. Generally, there will be a couple of positive and negative effects, which can make fights more difficult if players don't pay attention, or easier if they figure out how to take advantage of them.

These combat modifiers will apply to all fights taking place in a Divine Dimension, and will change each time the portal to the Dimension closes and reopens somewhere else.

Players will need to be adaptable to roam a Divine Dimension, because they can find themselves facing combat modifiers that force them to change how they normally do things (for example, complete fights without heals, but with a small shield each turn to emphasize teams that are good at distributing damages and swapping roles in the middle of a fight).

It won't be possible to know what modifiers are active in a Divine Dimension without going in (or you can call on acquaintances who are already in the dimension).


Life in the dimensions:

The Divine Dimensions will have all the types of content you already know and love: monsters, dungeons, quests, sets, wanted notices, harvestable resources, achievements, etc.

It will be possible to capture areas, but the rules of the dimension will apply: first you'll need to find the entrance to the dimension in order to take part!

However, prism and Perceptor defense fights can still be joined from areas outside the dimension.
This content will be for players of many levels (the first dimension, for example, will have areas and dungeons at level 100, 150, and 200).


It used to better, it's better now, and it will be even better after:

We'd like to continue to improve the accessibility of our content and offer more challenges, but we'd also like to offer a variety of content as our players all have different expectations.
During this year of Divine Dimensions, we intend to continue in this direction while experimenting with new concepts exclusive to dimensions without altering the way things work for the content that's already in place.
This is also the opportunity to revitalize old gameplay concepts, which can now find their place in specific areas, even if they're not suitable for all dungeons.
We can't wait to see you discover and explore the first Divine Dimension; this experimental new area has a lot of potential to renew interest in the game, especially for the hardcore Dofusians!
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