In the 2.19 update, you'll discover a new major game system: treasure hunting.
We'd like to offer you a new game mechanic which will depend on your ability to ferret out little clues hidden around the World of Twelve. You'll explore, search, scrutinize and maybe, just maybe, become a rich and famous treasure hunter.


Here are our main objectives for this new system:
  • Offer missions that are, in part, randomly generated by the server to provide more replayability (the treasures aren't in fixed spots).
  • The player will need to think hard and look for little graphic details in their environment to find and make sense of clues.
  • Treasure hunting should be able to be a separate activity in its own right. Players should be able to make it their principal activity if they wish to do so, and should be able to evolve their characters using the treasure hunting system (through XP and monetary rewards).
  • Players will be able to choose the difficulty of the final battle that they'll have to complete to get their treasure.
  • The system should not be competitive: each person can take their time to find the treasures without having to worry that their treasure will be found by someone else.

How It Works:


In a new building dedicated to treasure hunting, situated at [-25,-36], characters can start a treasure hunting mission with a difficulty level of their choosing (one every 20 levels between 20 and 200).

The player doesn't choose precisely where they will look for treasure - the game server will choose for them depending on the difficulty they have selected.
It's worth noting though that the server will not assign you treasures in areas that you cannot access. For example, if you don't have access to the Frigost 2 and Frigost 3 zones yet, the system won't send you to hunt for treasure located there.

The characters will be given a starting location for their mission (generally a Zaap or method of transport) as well as directions to follow in addition to visual clues that will allow them to figure out the location of the following step.
Once the player thinks they've reached the location of the step, they can start a search. If they've found the right map, they'll receive clues toward the next step.

If they haven't found the right map, their attempt counter drops by one. If it reaches zero, the mission is cancelled and the player must take on a new mission to continue treasure hunting.

The last step is to find the map on which the treasure is hidden. Once the player finds this map, a fight will start against a group of monsters protecting the treasure. If the player is defeated, the attempt counter drops by one.

If the player succeeds, they'll become a bit richer...

All work deserves pay, and treasure hunting deserves loot.

There are currently 10 different chests that you can recover at the end of a treasure hunting mission. The rewards they contain depend on the level of the chest. The level of the chests depends on the level of the zone where the treasure was found, which in turn depends on which difficulty you chose, which in turn depends on your whims and the level of your character (you can't ask for a mission with a difficulty level higher than your character's level).
The higher the level of the mission chosen, the greater the rewards you'll reap, but also the harder the monsters you'll have to confront to get to your treasure.

These chests contain some fixed rewards, kamas, and surprises. Their content is partially random, and there's a small chance they'll make you very rich, and a tiny chance they'll make you incredibly, obscenely rich.
Every chest will contain a new resource, the Rose of the Sands, which acts as money to obtain a new petsmount, some new emotes, and resources to craft new sets.

This text will be in English in the final release.

You can also use your Roses of the Sands to obtain pebbles from Dopples. We've been saying for several months that we don't think the Dopple system is rich enough, nor does it offer enough replayability to be used as a major game system. We've decided to allow players to bypass it with systems other than commerce. You can now treasure hunt to get Dopple pebbles.

In the long term, we envision permanently removing Dopples as a way of getting pebbles while keeping the Dopples' other current role of allowing players to gain experience and characteristic scrolls.
Hunting for treasure will progressively take over as the way of generating these pebbles.
There will be a transition period of several months so that we can verify that the treasure hunting system has sufficient potential to generate pebbles.

The treasure hunting activity will have specific rewards that will be exchangeable, which will guarantee excellent replayability for those who want to make it their primary activity.

What's in the future for this system?

The system that you'll discover for treasure hunting is the first major iteration of this gameplay mode.
We already have many ideas in mind to improve it; for example, by improving the number of zones in which you can find treasures.

We'll also increase the diversity of rewards that you can find in the chests – eventually, we'd like for players to be surprised every time they open one.

In this first version, we haven't introduced any achievements associated with treasure hunting; we've chosen to concentrate our attentions fully on the new system and ensure that it functions correctly on a grand scale before adding in achievements.

We've tried to allow treasure hunting in most of the areas in game, but some of them don't permit the system to function correctly (small areas, areas confined to an island, insufficient graphical diversity, or with navigation that's too linear or laborious). We plan to increase, bit by bit, the number of areas that are eligible for treasure hunting in order to offer even more diversity in this activity.

The design and development of treasure hunting has melted many brains here at HQ (perhaps we'll tell you all about the technical challenge behind the system in a couple of months). We hope that this new functionality will interest you and that it can become a new major activity in the game.
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