On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, the new Updater (formerly known as the Uplauncher) will be receiving some major improvements! We’ll break down all the details for you in this article, so let’s go!

This update will download automatically on April 8, and will be compatible with all operating systems that have already installed the new Updater. If you have the new Updater already it will automatically be installed when you run Dofus, you will not need to do anything.
If you have not yet installed the new Updater, please remember that on April 14, DOFUS will no longer support the old Uplauncher and all players will need to upgrade in order to continue playing!
This update will allow you to take advantage of the following changes:
  • Background updates : The updater can check for updates every five minutes and install them automatically.
  • The updater can now display desktop notification. We can use this feature to notify users of new game updates. The notification engine will use:
    • A custom system on Windows
    • Libnotify on linux
    • Growl, or the integrated notification system, depending on your version of Mac OSX
  • Better systray integration
  • "Turtle mode:” This option forces the updater to use fewer system resources (fewer cpu cores, less bandwith) while reduced in systray
  • While in systray, the updater uses less memory
  • During an update, a progression bar is displayed in the systray's tooltip
  • In case of a crash, the Updater will display an error message explaining the problem and offering the user a button to quickly and easily restart.
  • New diagnostic tool: the Updater will now collect come useful information about the configuration of your machine, including your version of OpenGL and Direct X. This will make it easier for you and our support team to communicate in case of any problems. You can simply use the F3 shortcut to display this information on your screen.

  • A new shortcut will allow you to quickly launch multiple clients simultaneously: Ctrl + x where "x" is the number of clients you want to launch - so ctrl + 2 for two clients, ctrl + 8 for eight (with 8 being the max available).
For more information you can read the beta changelog for this version.
Thanks for reading and happy Updating!
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