You’ve looked all over Brakmar for that old iron thingy in the middle of hundreds of iron-like thingies. You’ve searched for hours for the orange barrel near Astrub that turned out to be three pixels wide and was hidden behind half-transparent tree leaves, the outlines of which were so low in quality that anything behind them was impossible to see. And what about that darned brown hammer, just lying there on a bunch of brown planks like a dead stick insect?! Not to mention the duck, floating freely under the bridge, or the bizarrely esoteric terminology (what the heck is a stele?!)...

Treasure hunting has driven you mad, insane, totally bonkers. You screamed your hatred on the forums: "Tar and feathers for the guy whose silly idea it was to offer such horrible clues!" (Once again, I plead guilty.)
But that was only the beginning. Your trials and tribulations will really start in 2.21. And yet, you're still gonna participate, and just because there's a "legendary" in the title. Come on. You know you will.
In this update, we'll add a new functionality, Legendary Treasure Hunting (for those of you who hadn't figured the title out yet).
This new type of hunt will allow players to get more rewards and fight unique monsters guarding their treasure.
For those who read the entire article, there will be rewards.

Missions for true treasure hunters

To start a legendary treasure hunt, you have to possess a special map that you'll need to craft yourself (no profession required) by gathering treasure map pieces.
A crafting bench where you can make these maps is available in the treasure hunting building. You click the interactive desk, you lay down the right numbered fragments (the order doesn't matter, that's how nice we are), and voilà! You craft your map with a 100% success rate (or 99%, if your character has bad karma - by the way, little tip: you can press ALT + F4 during a fight to know your character's karma value).
The map pieces can be obtained (in piece boxes) randomly, in normal treasure hunt chests. Kinda like the Rabmajokes, but with a treasure map instead of a joke.
These pieces cannot be sold at markets, so you'll have to use standard character-to-character exchanges, or merchant mode. Gathering the right pieces to craft a map will sometimes be an adventure in and of itself! Those who benefit from a strong social network and enjoy trading will surely be the first to craft these maps.
Legendary missions will work much like classic missions, but they'll be twice as long (there will be more clues to find).
Failing a legendary mission won't really be penalized since your treasure map will be automatically returned to you should you not find a clue or lose the final fight.
Steal from the bad guys and sell back (at an outrageous price) to the good guys
In this update, we will add four legendary treasures, guarded by wanted monsters (Stellia Blutzell, Mastigator, Dremoan, and Gein). Which means that your final fight to collect the treasure won't occur against any old chest but against these notorious criminals: be ready for potentially way harder fights.
Eh, what were you expecting? You steal their treasures, they don't take it well, and they make you pay. Nothing you don't deserve.
If your character has a wanted poster quest in progress, you'll be able to take advantage of this final fight to capture the monster and finish your quest. These legendary treasures can therefore be used as a sure-fire (albeit potentially expensive!) way to collect bounties.
We intend, in the long run, to add other legendary treasures inspired by the wanted posters: it's a good way to make searching for them less random, while still preserving their rarity.

More rewards

The legendary treasures created for this update offer a unique (and guaranteed) reward: a resource that is specific to each treasure and needed to craft new sets.
These new sets will have a power that reflects their level, but they'll certainly be rarer than classic sets. Legendary treasure hunts will probably allow us to re-introduce a form of much needed rarity on some resources or equipment.
The legendary treasures will yield far more Roses of the Sands and experience (random Rose of the Sands rewards will be multiplied as well, so you'll have a teeny-tiny chance of getting ultra-super-duper-rich just by opening a legendary chest).
Even if you're not interested in the specific rewards offered by legendary treasures, the common rewards are still quite profitable.
Besides, the probability of finding a box containing map pieces is also much higher for legendary treasures.

Treasure hunting in general

In this update, we also wanted to improve the way classic treasure hunting works.
We've limited the steps that require you to move in a given direction (without looking for a clue) to 5 maps at most (compared to 10 before). We know that these steps are uninteresting, but they are needed to generate enough different missions.
The range of potential missions generated has been greatly improved and optimized: we can now generate more than 10,000 different missions in over 120 areas.
We've also worked on taking into account new background elements for the treasure hunting missions in order to increase the diversity of clues to find. Some of these modifications should also reduce the number of inconsistencies encountered because of background elements that are not correctly taken into account by this functionality.
We know that in update 2.21 there will be background elements that are still not correctly indexed. We will continue, in the next updates, to improve the overall way treasure hunting works: this is a new functionality with great potential, and that already has a great many fans.

Rewards for our faithful readers

You've read this article to the end, so you'll get the privilege of reducing it to three sentences in the Guild Channel: "Right, so we'll get new treasures, and they'll be legendary, like. I didn't quite get the rest, there was something about Rabmajokes? We'll get them in the chests or something?" So you deserve two rewards, especially prepared for you by yours truly:
1) To atone for my sins (Sins? What sins??), here's the location of the orange barrel near Astrub: [-2, -18].
2) As your second reward, I'll give you the location of the greatest treasure my (professional) life has ever granted me: its value is beyond measure, and this treasure that never ceases to amaze is right there, among you, at your fingertips... This unique treasure is you, the community!