This time, [Toun] joins us to introduce some quality-of-life improvements that we have planned for update 2.21!

Automatic connection queue for servers on backup

Who among us hasn’t grumbled because their server was down for maintenance or backup? Who hasn’t whined while going through the boring process of checking your Dofus window every other minute to see if the server is available again?
Well say goodbye to these #firstworldproblems!

Now when your server is unreachable, you can join a waiting queue by double clicking on its icon. An hourglass will appear over the server’s illustration, indicating that you are waiting to be connected.

Summon preview

While not exactly a life-changing adjustment, this little tweak makes the game more aesthetically pleasing. When using a summoning spell, mousing over a targetable cell includes a preview of the creature you are about to summon.
This is especially handy for Rogues who will be able to easily visualize where their Roguery illusions will appear!


The real big news that will delight travelers is the facelift we gave to the Zaap and Zaapi, with several modification to help you.
Your saved Zaap now appears in green on the Zaap list for a quick and easy reminder of where your recall potions will take you.

The map buttons have been removed from the Zaap list, you need only click the coordinates of the Zaap to mark it on the map.

A new search field will make it easy to find a specific Zaap in the (long) list of Zaaps. No more scrolling for days to find that exact Cania Plains Zaap you’re looking for!
If you’re a new player, or an older player making a new character, we’ve made finding and unlocking all the game’s Zaaps easier by giving you an option to see which Zaaps you haven’t found yet! These undiscovered Zaaps are listed in a dimmed color in the Zaap interface.
  And ultimately, when it comes to traveling from one end of the World of Twelve to the other, we all have our little habits to cut time off of our commute, right? To help you shave even more time from your routine, we’ve added a favorites system to the Zaap and Zaapi interfaces! By clicking on the star to the left of a destination, you can add that location to your bookmarks. These starred locations will always show up at the top of the list so you won’t have to search for them.

That’s all for now, but soon Izmar will bring you another devblog discussing a series of improvements to Spectator mode! I hope these small changes will be helpful.
Happy testing and good gaming to all!