The 2.23 Update will reveal the third Divine Dimension. We'll take this opportunity to make significant modifications to the accessibility of Dimensions and the way they work. The Divine Dimensions still aim to offer a content requiring a great deal of preparation and a lot of caution. Failure in these areas is much more punishing than in the rest of the game, these areas are more dangerous, they include game mechanics that are more complex (combat modifiers and monster waves), and they're harder to access than classic areas.
We have however decided to simplify some concepts and to make accessing these areas easier, without compromising our original vision and goals.

Easier access

The number of activations before a dimensional portal relocates will go from 32 to 128.
With this modification, we hope that the dimensional portals can regularly stay open for more than a day. We want to reduce the importance of searching for these portals via treasure hunting phase and increase the life-span of dimensional portals to increase the importance of information exchanges between players.
Besides, portals will no longer be used to change combat modifiers when they close, which should reduce the portal renewal frequency.

Modifiers simplified

When we came up with the combat modifiers idea, we thought of them as elements that one should absolutely take into account to win one's fight without suffering from an added difficulty.
Many of you have remarked that this functionality is way to constrictive, so we've decided to modify it so that they way they work may be closer to that of in-fight Challenges: you'll be able to ignore them most of the time without suffering from any particular debuff, but if you go through the effort of exploiting them and accepting their constraints, they'll make your fights easier.
Actually, we've modified the combat modifiers so that their negative consequences no longer apply to player characters, but only to monsters.

Deterministic combat modifiers

We want players to change their game habits to adapt to modifiers. Up until now, players have first and foremost sought to change the modifiers until getting one that would agree with their playstyle.
This is not the functionality we are looking for and the combat modifiers will no longer be randomly changed by closing dimensional portals.
They will now be in a regular rotation, sorted through a list, and will only be changed when the most powerful boss in the dimension has been defeated.
The combat modifiers list will be initialized the same way on all game servers, which means all combat modifiers will be the same on all game servers upon the opening of a new Divine Dimension.
We are reducing the possibility of randomly and easily changing the combat modifiers, and we're adding a specific way to change them, which requires the completion of an important challenge: defeating the most powerful boss in the dimension.

More experience in the dimensions

In order to compensate for the difficulty of accessing Divine Dimensions and the risks one undergoes during the fights, we have decided to increase the experience rewards from all monsters and bosses in the Divine Dimensions. For now, we have chosen to increase these gains by 25%, but this value may be subject to change during our oncoming tests.

Deterministic boss placement

In the 2.23 Update, the boss placement in dungeons will no longer be random. This modification will apply to all bosses in game, and the Divine Dimension bosses will be no exception.

We want to keep the starting positions variation in dungeons, in order to maintain the  replayability, but we want to avoid giving players control over these starting positions via the withdrawal mechanic.

The different possible boss placements are now sorted via a list and all characters will start with the same boss placement.
This placement will individually change for each character when said character manages to defeat a boss (they will then advance one step in their personal possible placements list).
When a character reaches the end of the possible placements list, the list starts over.
When a character is defeated by a boss, the next fight against this same boss will use the latest saved starting place.
When the recorded placements are different for several characters in a same team, the one with the most occurrences is used. In case of a draw, the placement that is further away from the beginning of the list is used.
If the fight ends in the players' defeat, each character keeps his recorded placement.
If the fight ends in the players' victory, characters who had the chosen placement for the fight advance in their list to the next placement. Characters who didn't have the chosen placement for the fight keep the placement they had before the start of the fight. And if anyone goes and tries to manipulate the system, they're in for a little surprise :]
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