In the 2.26 update which will be released in December, we have decided to review the way characteristics points (Strength, Chance, etc.) work and the way base points (gained each time you level up) and extra points (from characteristic scrolls) are stored.


The current system does not differentiate between base points and extra points, which makes developments such as modifying characteristics caps for each class difficult to apply. 


Here are the objectives of the new system:
  • Allow players to use their extra points when they like, alongside the investment of their base points (i.e. no longer restrict players to investing all their extra points before attributing their base points).
  • Make it easier for players to reset their characteristics (using a Magical Orb) whilst conserving all their extra points.
  • Enable us to modify the classes’ soft caps for characteristics, in order to correct certain imbalances and offer the classes more viable elemental paths. 

How the new system will work

In version 2.26, extra points will be stored separately from base points, which means that you will be able to reset your base points (using a Magical Orb) without altering your extra points.

Soft caps

Extra points will no longer be subject to the soft caps applied to base points, which will allow certain character builds to have more characteristics points in 2.26.
For ease of reference, however, extra points will not be able to exceed a value of 100 (compared to 101 before). The fact that soft caps no longer affect extra points will more than make up for this minor change.
In update 2.26, we will change the Xelor class’s point thresholds to the following for Chance, Strength, Intelligence and Agility:
  • 1 point from 1 to 100
  • 2 points from 101 to 200
  • 3 points from 201 to 300
  • 4 points from 301 upwards
Vitality will continue to cost 1 point and Wisdom 3 points.
We are changing Xelors’ soft caps already because the rebalancing work done to the class makes this a good time to carry out the transition.
Long term, we would like to apply these soft caps to the other classes (perhaps with a few exceptions for Sacriers). We can’t apply them right away because changing these thresholds involves modifying the values of many attack spells to avoid making them too powerful.

Implementation and temporary restrictions

When we implement the new system, all calculations will be made to the players’ advantage. Their characters will not lose any extra points, and in certain cases the transition will leave them with more points than they had before.
When version 2.26 is released, all the characters’ characteristics will be reset, and all their points – both base and extra – returned. Extra points will be stored separately and will be available for allocation in the characteristic point distribution interface.
To prevent this feature from being exploited unfairly between now and the release of version 2.26, we are implementing the following modifications (on the current game servers, running 2.25) at the same time as this Devblog article is published:
  • Magical Orbs are temporarily unusable. You will be able to use them again when version 2.26 is released.
  • Magical Orbs have been temporarily removed from sale in the shop. They will become available again when version 2.26 is released.
  • In-game items that grant extra characteristics points (scrolls, fish, meat, etc.) are temporarily unusable. You will be able to use them again when version 2.26 is released.
We have been waiting several years to carry out the transition to this new system of characteristics point management, which will make game entry easier for new players (as they will no longer be able to make mistakes “mixing” their base points and extra points) and allow us, at last, to progressively improve the different classes’ soft caps.

Questions and answers


Do you have any plans to make it possible to transfer extra points from one character to another?

We don’t have any plans for this in the short or mid-term, but we are considering the possibility.

Is this change going to make my character less powerful?

No. Your character will be able to distribute more characteristics points than before, because extra points will no longer be subject to caps. That means that your character will be just as powerful as before, if not very slightly more powerful.

Why have you applied temporary restrictions in the run-up to 2.26?

These restrictions are vital as they will prevent players from unfairly taking advantage of the transition system we are putting in place. When we return extra points to the characters, all of our calculations will be made in a way that falls in the players’ favour. This means that, in some cases, we will return more extra points than the player actually invested in their character, since the current system does not differentiate between base points and extra points.

Will we be able to invest more than 100 extra points in each characteristic?

No, 100 will be the most extra points you can spend on any one characteristic.