The Sadida class spells and gameplay need updating and improvement, despite the changes made to most of its spells two years ago. The class had a lot of trouble finding its place in groups, be it when fighting players or monsters. We put this trouble down to summons that aren’t very resistant, gameplay based a bit too much on these same summons, some spells that are obsolete when used within groups, and some damage spells that aren’t effective enough.


But that’s all over! Here’s an outline of the objectives for this class revamp:

  • Considerably improve the Sadida’s impact in group fights

  • Improve Doll survival

  • Make Sadida’s elemental and utility spells more interesting

  • Rework some obsolete spells

  • Reduce the accumulation of Dolls on the field at the beginning of fights

  • Strengthen Sadida’s power increase over the course of the fight

  • Add interactions between different spells and the other classes

  • Strengthen Sadida’s locking and support roles

See the Forest for the Trees

The first significant change is made to the Tree spell, which will become the central spell in the Sadida’s spell list. While keeping its role as a fairly durable static summon, Sadida’s tree is now also used as a resource, and can be consumed or used as an intermediary to other spells. Sadidas will be able to summon one tree per turn, without any restrictions on the number of trees on the field. The bigger its forest, the more control the Sadida will have over the combat in progress. Planting trees will guarantee Sadidas a brighter future!

The trees have two states. When they are first summoned, they can not be used by Sadida spells and can be moved; they are at this stage visually smaller. But starting on the turn after they are summoned, the trees grow, can no longer be pushed (or pulled), and Sadidas can use them as a resource.

Recycling and Dolls

  • All Doll summons must now be summoned by recycling a tree. But when a Doll dies, it automatically transforms into a tree. Sadidas will, however, have to wait one turn before they can use that tree again. All Dolls will have their characteristics (and especially their health points) increased.

  • The Block: still helps to lock down opponents, thanks to increased health points, resistances, and lock. But it also has a spell that lets it switch places with a tree if the Sadida casts a “Bramble” spell on the tree beforehand. When it switches places with a tree, it also becomes invulnerable for 1 turn. This spell gives it some mobility and helps it resist any enemy.

  • The Madoll: still removes AP, but applies a state to each enemy that it removes AP from. This state and the way it works will be explained later on.

  • The Inflatable: still gives the caster MP, but no longer heals across the whole map. Now it heals in a 3-cell circle around it, but also heals on all cells touching a tree. Gaining health points across the whole map made this summon a bit too passive, causing players to put it as far as possible from danger and then ignore it. Now players will have to avoid putting themselves at risk too much if they want to keep it alive (it will follow you to heal you), but its healing powers are significantly increased.

  • The Sacrificial: as suicidal as before, it will no longer wait until its second turn to explode. Its health points and damage increase for each turn that it stays alive on the field. Stacks a maximum of 3 times. The longer it stays alive, the more damage it deals!

  • The Ultra-Powerful: survives slightly longer and now removes MP from enemies who are in contact with trees.


A vital resource that must be protected

  • The Tree of Life spell now transforms a tree into a tree of healing, allowing anyone who attacks it to recover 100% of the damage they inflict in healed HP. It can be recast more regularly and with fewer restrictions.

  • Sadidas can also recyle trees without turning them into dolls, which will generate a heal AOE around the tree as well as dividing damage among all nearby allies. This spell will replace the “Knowledge of Dolls” spell, which will be removed. It wasn't interesting enough for many players to use, while also making it too easy to bypass the restriction on the number of summons allowed via equipment for the players who did use it often.

  • This spell also gets some small movement abilities. Now it can bring a tree to life for a turn and control it to either push an ally or opponent 6 squares, remove a character’s bewitchments when in contact, or heal allies in its area of effect. At the end of its turn, the living tree becomes a normal tree again. This spell replaces the “Sylvan Power” spell. Even though we found it tactically interesting, this spell took an ally out of combat for 2 turns. We preferred to give Sadidas a more versatile, less situational, and more active spell.

  • Earthquake is added to the Utility toolkit with one important change. This spell doesn’t have an effect immediately after a Sadida casts it, but at the end of the turn, each tree will create an earthquake around it, inflict Fire damage, steal HP from enemies, reveal invisible elements, and draw characters towards it.

  • Finally, Poisoned Wind has also been changed significantly. Now an enemy target can be hit. When a tree is hit while a target is under the effects of Poisoned Wind, the target will also take some of the tree’s damage. We’ve been wanting to replace the Earthquake and Poisoned Wind spells for a long time. They’re too efficient in solo combats where several battles occur in quick succession, and in teams or high-level combats, they're difficult to use and fit into the team dynamic. So we preferred to replace them with spells that have more potential in solo and group combat and that fill out the Sadida’s spell toolkit.

Trees are now a central element in Sadida’s gameplay, and they can be used in many different ways for the benefit of the Sadida’s whole team!

Small, meaningful adjustments to the rest of the Sadida’s spells

Apart from summoning spells, the rest of the changes are small. Sadidas still have 3 elemental builds, whose spells are almost unchanged.
We have, however, made some slight changes.

  • Some AP costs have been modified. Tear now costs 3 AP, while the Dolly Sacrifice and Bush Fire spells cost 4 AP. As a result, the damage inflicted by these spells has changed.

  • Tear now has an effect on trees that “makes them grow”: when cast on a tree that was just planted, the tree grows and can be used instantaneously.

  • The “Bramble” spell can be cast on a tree to let an ally Block Doll change places with the targeted tree and become invulnerable for 1 turn. Note that the same Block can only switch places with a tree once every 3 turns, and if there are two Block Dolls on the board, only the first will be able to switch (the second will have to wait until the following turn).

  • Sadidas' characteristic soft caps have been modified in order to correspond to the levels that we now want to apply to all classes, as per the following article: (“Soft caps” paragraph). As a result, the damage caused by various spells has changed.

  • Soothing Bramble no longer heals enemies and no longer takes ally MP.


One state to connect them all

Before we go, we have one last important piece of news: a new state that allows Sadidas to connect targets. This state is applied with the Sadida’s Paralysing Poison for 4 turns (and with a 2 turn cooldown, it can be potentially applied to 2 targets at once) and by the Madoll’s Irritation spell for an infinite duration (as long as the target stays alive, so it can affect the entire opposing team), letting a portion of Sadida’s spells hit several targets at once. It works like this: if an enemy target who is in this state is hit with a single-target Sadida spell (with the exception of Paralysing Poison), all enemy targets who are in the state will also be affected by the single-target spell. For example, if you cast a Bramble spell on a target who is in this state, any other targets who are this state will also receive 100% of the damage from that Bramble spell.  This will occur for the following spells: Bramble, Tear, Dolly Sacrifice, Poisoned Wind, Bush Fire, Soothing Bramble, Insolent Bramble, and Aggressive Bramble.

This new mechanism will make Madoll more dangerous, but will also give Sadida’s binding and damage abilities a broader scope.


Will my Sadida be less powerful?

No! Sadidas have gained power in nearly every area with this patch: more interesting summons and strengthening of various support, damage, board control, and binding abilities!

Will it still be possible for Sadidas to fill the map with summons?

Yes, but it will be more difficult and gradual. The need to place a tree in order to transform it into a Doll, combined with the restriction of one tree placed per turn means that Sadidas will never be able to have more Dolls on the board than the number of turns that have passed. 1 turn = 1 Doll maximum. However, over the course of the game, Sadida’s Dolls will retransform into trees when they die, so there will be a greater potential for summons than there is now. That is, as long as Sadidas manage to keep their trees alive.

What will be the impact of summonable creature bonuses?

Trees will keep their status of static summon and will not be considered in the number of summons on the board when calculating the number of summonable creatures. In other words, there is no limit for placing trees. That will also be the case for new living trees. In addition, the Tree of Life will no longer be a separate summon; it is a transformed stationary tree and no longer counts as a summon. On the other hand, Dolls are taken into account, and each one counts as a summon. It is therefore not possible to summon a Doll if the summons limit has been reached. 

What about spell animations?

We’re taking advantage of this revamp to review a large portion of Sadida’s spell animations.

What will happen when there are several Sadidas in the same fight?

If several Sadidas are on the same team, the overall recasting delay will prevent them from placing more than one tree per turn, in order to avoid overloading the map with summons. However, any tree summoned by a Sadida can be used by another Sadida from the same team without any problem. There will be no interaction between the summons of two Sadidas who are on opposing teams.

Will a Magical Orb be given out?

All Sadida characters will see their characteristics reset to 0 during the class revamp. Invested scrolls will be kept and their soft caps will be improved.

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