Starting on 5 March of this year, subscriptions and the gifts that come with the subscriptions will be offered in the form of "packs". The subscription periods will still be 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year – and this will not change. If you wish to subscribe, you'll always be able to choose one of these 5 basic packs. The prices will not change either.

The new options

"Then... what IS going to change?", we hear you asking.

These packs will be renewed every three months (on the 1st Thursday of the month when the change takes place) to offer you a greater range of gifts. New packs will thus be available on 5 March, 4 June, 3 September and 3 December 2015.  

Two special packs will also be available in addition to the basic packs:
  • The Starter Pack. This option has been fully re-developed and will from now on be reserved for players who have never subscribed at all.
  • The Special Pack. This will also change every three months and could include e.g. a new subscription period or be part subscription and part Ogrines.

The packs will have a different theme every time they are renewed and will, if possible, be directly linked to events occurring in the game or in the real world.

All basic packs with a subscription period of more than one week will contain the gift from that pack as well as all the gifts from packs with a shorter subscription period. For example, subscribe to the "1-year pack" and you will get at least four different gifts – the gift from the 1-year pack + that from the 6-months pack + that from the 3-months pack + that from the 1-month pack of that season! If, on the other hand, you subscribe to the "7-days pack", you will receive a random gift (usually a set item).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's an image to help you better understand our new subscription pack system:

Last but not least, we're also bringing out a new Ogrine pack so that players who subscribed previously also get a chance to obtain the gifts from the "1-year pack" (as we fully realise that subscribing for an entire year every three months makes very little sense).

The Ogrine pack will be made up of 47,000 Ogrines and all the gifts in the current "1-year pack" as a one-off set (it is important to note this difference as future "1-year packs" may contain the same type of gift several times, but there are no repeat gifts in the Ogrine pack). It will be sold at a price of €70 and change every three months in the same way as the subscription packs.

Why are the options being changed?

We have decided to change our products and offer subscriptions in the form of packs for various reasons. Here are a few of said reasons:
  • To give our subscription system a modern overhaul. Players are becoming more and more used these "pack systems", which are used in a number of different games.
  • We don't want players who perfer long-term subscriptions to get angry or frustrated because they feel that the gifts in the short-term subscription packs are more interesting because they are totally different from the long-term gifts. This system allows players to buy all of the gifts for the current season at once, rather than forcing them to choose gifts they don't want.
  • To make the purchasing process easier. Offering a choice can sometimes become an obstacle for players who neither know the game well enough nor how the offered items work.
  • To decrease the amount of "special" subscription offers and let players know about the relevant dates. This way, you won't subscribe too early any more and miss out on special offers and be disappointed, because you'll already know the changeover dates for the subscription pack.



What's going to happen to the gifts in the current subscriptions?

There's no single, general way these will be handled. Some of the gifts will be re-used in the new subscription packs, others will be available from the Shop or via special offers – Ogrine offers, for example. Some of them won't be available for a certain time. We don't have any type of specific plan yet.

Will the gifts in the packs be available elsewhere?

They're available in the subscription packs and will also be available in the new Ogrines pack. Gifts in the subscription packs will always be exclusive to these packs, meaning that they will not be available from the Shop while the packs are on sale. They may well be added to the Shop afterward, but we haven't set any specific time frame for this.

Will you let us know what the contents of each pack are in advance?

No. We will inform you about the changeover dates for the subscription packs, but not about their contents. That's because we want to keep the element of surprise! 

Why is the Ogrine pack containing the subscription gifts so expensive?

We think that buying a subscription will get players more involved than simply buying Ogrines. Players can spend Ogrines right away and however they want, whereas a subscription will commit players for a set period of time.

We still wish to reward our loyal players for their involvement, and that's why the price of subscribing to the "1-year pack" won't change, even though the pack will contain more gifts from now on.

We're bringing out the €70 Ogrine pack so collectors have another way of obtaining the gifts in the subscription packs. The higher price is to ensure that the value of the subscriptions (which are more favourably priced, but require more involvement from players) does not decrease.

Also, players will get €60 worth of Ogrines as well as gifts worth at least 13,000 Ogrines (or €20), all for only €70. And that's quite a bargain for the players. 

Will any changes be made to the Ogrine packs?

No. The existing Ogrine packs will not undergo any changes.

Will the current Starter Pack and 2-day subscription still be available?

No. They will be removed in favour of the new Starter Pack.

If I purchase a year pack, will I receive all of the gifts that are released for the entire year?

No, a year pack only includes the gifts for the current season.
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