For the 2.29 update, we have been working on Incarnam. We’ve improved its graphics, updated the monsters of the area, optimised the maps and reduced the size of the area to cut out the large amount of travelling that was involved for some quests...

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...So! Speaking of quests, in update 2.29, Incarnam's quests have been radically altered to fit with the recent changes to the game. For example, they now allow new players to learn how all the professions work and how to craft their own gear.

Some of the area’s monsters have been balanced, in order to improve the transition between Incarnam and Astrub.

In general, Incarnam will be a lot smaller, better suited to beginners, and a richer and more enjoyable area.

Why the new overhaul?

We’ve made some major changes throughout the course of various updates in the past years (particularly the redesign of professions and addition of the idol system in 2.29, for example) and it’s important to us that new players are introduced to these game mechanics as early as possible in their DOFUS experience.

Also, it made sense to improve the beginner’s area to help new players learn how the game works and welcome them, since they are part of the reworking and expansion of the DOFUS community. We are aware that improving Incarnam won’t directly affect the majority of DOFUS players, but in order to assure the game’s future, it’s important to be able to efficiently accommodate new players and maximise the chance that they will understand and appreciate the game.

Graphic redesign and new assortment of monsters

Incarnam’s maps and monsters have been reworked in order to fit better with the way we see this area, that is, as a semi-ethereal world where souls have not yet been incarnated. There you will meet the ‘spirits’ of Gobballs, Tofus, and lots of other Amakna monsters that you already know in their incarnate form.


Some Incarnam Gobballs graze in front of the Relic of Feca...

Some new species of monsters will also appear. You’ll meet Gloots, Hinkypunks, and the soul keepers, the Spiritabbys. Visit this area to see them all!


  A Young Black Gobbly seems to have stumbled into the midst of the Spiritabbys... 

The Incarnam Chafers are not to be outdone, since they’ve found themselves a new leader who has booted the mighty Snoowolf out of his dungeon. Make way for Kardorim, former captain of the Kerub militia, and his Chafer army, for an epic dungeon (that’s still suited for beginners, of course)!


He's the brawling type, and death isn't going to get in his way...

New sets

Accompanying the arrival of these new monsters, two new sets will be revealed in 2.29, the Souldeep Set and the Kardorim Set. Ideal for beginners, they’ll delight fashion-conscious players as well, by offering a selection of new headgear, capes, and helmets that you can mod with a Mimisymbic.


Whether you're in to wings and crowns...
...or horned helmets and glowing capes, we've got you covered!

We also took the opportunity to add a recipe for all pieces of the Boon Set. From now, this set of Incarnam gear can be created entirely through crafting, as, in version 2.29 nearly all equipment that used to be dropped by monsters will in the future only be obtainable via recipes, which will be simplified in most cases.


New quest lines

A new quest line that is shorter but more intense has been added in order to incorporate these changes and guide players through all the basic game mechanics (combat, crafting, exploration, etc) and the Dofus universe. You will follow a teenage Joris, who will guide you along your path and will lead you through the process of getting to know the game further!

This series will replace the old Incarnam quests, and new Achievements will also be introduced as the old ones are removed. It even seems that a new Ornament linked to the Incarnam and Astrub quests has been added...


Follow the leader!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little overview. Although it’s aimed at beginners, we hope this redesign of Incarnam will make everybody happy!

Enjoy playing DOFUS, have fun and watch this space for the next news update!

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