In the 2.29 update, the professions system has been improved, so we used this opportunity to make in-depth improvements to the Smithmagic interfaces also. The effects list display is largely based on a player mod, created by ExiTeD then reworked by Relena. Thanks go to both of you!
Without further ado, here’s what the co-op Smithmagic interface will look like:

The main improvements

 1) All elements in the interface have been rearranged so that the action buttons ( ‘Combine all’ and ‘Combine’ ) are located in a more logical place, near the slots they are used on. Your character will still appear to the right, next to the inventory.

 2) The rune use history, which used to appear in Chat, is now shown in the interface itself so that Chat is distinct from this and is readable during Smithmagic sessions. The contents of this history will be saved for the entire game session, so reopening the Smithmagic interface in any workshop lets one access previous attempts at using Smithmagic, so long as the player doesn’t log out.

 3) From now on, all item stats are displayed in the middle of the interface (up to a limit of 19 visible lines) instead of the generic item sheet.
  • For each effect, the minimum and maximum values give the player a better idea of progress in Smithmagic and its potential limits.
  • When a rune is applied, the effects produced are highlighted so they’re visible at a glance, and the changes applied by these effects are displayed in a column specially for this.
  • Opposite each item’s effect, the runes that can be used to alter this effect have been added. These runes can be dragged and dropped into the rune slot at the top of the interface or can be moved via a double click or ctrl + double click like any other rune in the inventory.
  • For solo Smithmagic, the runes displayed are those available from the inventory.
  • However, for co-op Smithmagic, all the runes in the bag of ingredients are displayed, as well as those in the craftsperson’s inventory. The runes from the bag have a gold outline so they are easy to identify. If runes for the same effect exist both in the bag shared with the client and in the craftsperson’s inventory, only runes from the bag will be displayed opposite the item effects. The craftsperson’s runes will only appear once the stack of runes from the bag is empty.
  • Of course, players can always use runes directly from the inventory or shared bag.
 4) Simplified payment You can no longer pay with items, and only paying for a successful attempt has no real purpose now, so this has been removed. From now on, the client can enter a Kama amount in the field specially for this, a sum that can only be changed if the bag hasn’t been confirmed by the client. Once the bag’s been shared, the payment is set and will be sent to the craftsperson when the interface is closed or the item is changed, provided they have applied at least one rune.

Sinks and probabilities


The question of whether to display sink and success probability values has come up several times.
We decided not to display any information for either in order to leave enough room for the experience and expertise of those players who have mastered this system. We’re happy with the difficulty level involved in mastering Smithmagic, as players who are experts in its mechanics have an advantage and are able to stand out from other players. Smithmagic is the only profession that gives so much importance to experience and practice, so we want to keep that the way it is.
Interface overhauls don’t usually aim to improve game mechanics but to make them more accessible and comfortable to use. The improvements that have been made to the Smithmagic interface are no exception to this rule and have increased usability while retaining the richness of this system.
We hope you’ll approve of these new interfaces and the changes will encourage you to try out even more exotic Smithmagic. Happy gaming!

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