Are you feeling this tense atmosphere? Like somethin' is brewin' and bout to begin...  An ever so subtle mix of fear, excitation, and impatience... Nothing more normal: the Goultarminator is coming in from the East!

While waiting for the registrations to open and the rules and regulations for this seventh edition to be published, let's have a first run-down of the main changes made to the most anticipated tournament in the World of Twelve!
Illustration by Sabstars of Shika

16 unique classes

The Eliotropes allow the Goultarminator VII to proudly present 16 unique representatives during the competition.
As such, there are no class duplicates for the 2015 edition of the tournament.    
Eliotrope, the sixteenth class!

A set and definite class

With the arrival of the class change service, a new rule makes its grand entrance to the Goultarminator.

Upon registration, you will choose the character with which you'd want to challenge the Test of Speed. This choice is decisive and irreversible; the character's class cannot be modified at any time during the Test of Speed, nor beyond. You will commit yourself to enter and compete in the tournament with the character you will have selected upon registration.

If a character were to go through a class change during the Test of Speed, their score would not be counted and their registration would be considered null and void.

So make the right choice as soon as the tournament starts!

4 teams, 4 pillars

The pillar classes for the 2015 edition of the Goultarminator are:

Clear-cut fights

A little change that yields a lot of meaning: the disappearance of Tied Fights.

From now on, no matter the phase you're in, a fight can only end in one of two ways: victory, or defeat.

Qualifications more demanding and representative

Qualification phases will play out in 6 rounds.

The finale phases will oppose the 16 remaining servers in rounds of 4 fights each: when a server wins at least 3 of their fights, they qualify for the next step. Should a tie (2 fights won for each server) occur, a 5th fight would take place.

The teams that would fight this tie-breaker fight would not be part of the teams put together for the tournament, as each server would be able to arrange a team composition thought up especially for the tie-breaking fights.



The Test of Speed will start on Thursday, June the 18th and end on Sunday, July the 5th.
The Test of Popularity will start on Tuesday, July the 7th, and last until Sunday, July the 12th.

The representatives that get qualified for the tournament will have to put their team compositions together between Monday, July the 13th and Sunday, July the 19th.

The data save for the importation of characters to the tournament server will be done on Wednesday, July the 15th.

The fights of the 2015 Goultarminator will take place between the 3rd and the 30th of August, between 7PM and 11PM (Paris time), as follows:
  • Round #1: August 3rd
  • Round #2: August 5th
  • Round #3: August 7th
  • Round #4: August 10th
  • Round #5: August 12th
  • Round #6: August 14th
  • Round of 8: August 21st
  • Quarterfinals: August 23rd
  • Semi-finals: August 28th
  • Finals: August 30th

The starting times  of the fights will be distributed along 4 time slots (all times are in Paris Time):
  • 19:00
  • 19:50
  • 20:40
  • 21:30

Softer maps

The maps on which the 2015 Goultarminator fights will take place are the same as the ones from the 2014 edition, except one detail: a soft color modification has been made in order to soften the finish and make the spectacle a more visually pleasant experience for all.

Will you be up to the challenge?
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