Every summer, the temperature rises off the Otomai Coast. The ground shakes, and rumblings can be heard in the bowels of the earth. Could this be one of celebrated troubadour David Gettalife’s massive raves? Even better! It’s the reopening of Vulkania Park! And if you venture in there, you’ll end up raving about it too!

Before Suze McGraff, Ivan Hartvigg and Charlie’s Agents got together and rebranded it as an amusement park, Vulkania used to be the haunt of thrill-seeking adventurers. One of them, Professor John Almond, only left the first page of his journal behind well as a heap of well-gnawed bones.
"At last, I have finally arrived. I can’t believe it... Nobody from the World of Twelve, apart from Suze and Ivan, has ever set foot on this land. I must say, I’m incredibly excited!

The diversity of the surrounding landscape is simply breathtaking. The pristine sands of the archipelago contrast beautifully with the thousand and one hues of the tropical jungle. Not to mention the volcanos belching glowing lava all day long. At a bend in the path, I found an opening leading to a cavern with crystal-covered walls...and a floor carpeted with a smelly, sticky black mess. A little welcoming gift from the local wildlife...

My first face-to-face encounter with the latter was of a size to remember; two gigantic creatures bristling with claws and scales are hiding in the depths of the island. I wonder what species they belong to... Perhaps they’re related to dragons? Well, in that case, wouldn’t they have a link with the Twelve? I intend to clear up this mystery... Scientist’s honour, I’m not going to leave until I have learnt everything I can about them!

I’m as hungry as a Boowolf after my first day here! While exploring the island, I came across some enormous eggs with a very thick shell. I don’t know what laid them, but I’ve never tasted anything so good! Now that I’ve got a pleasantly full stomach and my head is no longer spinning from hunger, I’m going to be able to come up with a way of getting closer to my two “hosts’”...
In fact, I will have to be on my guard if I want to..."
Thus ends the letter, spattered with red spots and a pile of Sauroshell fragments... Clearly the eggs the Professor cooked weren’t the freshest.

Since his tragic escapade to the Vulkanian archipelago, many enthusiastic Dracologists have followed in his footsteps. Then adventurers of all ages and sizes, and even whole families, followed in his wake. Today, thanks to its pleasant managers and the wide selection of activities on offer, such as skiing down erupting volcanos or Sauroshell hunting, Vulkania Island has become the favourite summer destination of many throughout the World of Twelve. And believe me, Charlie’s Agents have spent a small fortune on making this a park its visitors won’t forget!

You too are invited to follow in Professor Almond’s footsteps (well, maybe not exactly...), and share your experiences and knowledge of this incredible place!

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