Since the Idol system came into being, we've received a lot of feedback from players who have encountered difficulties when making frequent Idol changes between fights. Initially, we weren't expecting players to change Idols so often, but this is something we would like to encourage. We've recently been working on an custom set system for Idols that we've named "Groups of Idols".

A new interface

The system is similar to that used for character equipment custom sets, but it has its own specific interface.
You will be able to create up to 16 different groups of Idols, displayed in a list that can be sorted by the groups' total scores. Of course, you will be able to create a group without Idols so you can alternate between fights with and without Idols as quickly as possible.

For each Group of Idols, an icon must be selected, and that icon can be moved to the shortcut bar.
Unlike the custom set system, we won't be providing the option of importing active Idols into an existing group to update it. We think that this mechanic is unnecessary for Idols, as it's so quick and easy to delete a group and create a replacement.

Please note: at the time of writing this article, we are still working on this interface, so it may not yet have its definitive appearance.


We know that having Idols in character inventories causes problems for players who accumulate a lot of resources in their inventory. Many of you have asked for a collection interface dedicated to Idols so they can be removed from character inventories. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that: managing extra dedicated inventories is rather complicated technically speaking, and can be difficult for beginner players to master (this kind of system is not very common). Right from the game's tutorial, we teach players to make and then equip an Idol; teaching them to transfer their Idols to a collection interface is yet another (not very intuitive) step to master, which we consider to be disconcerting for new players.

We haven't yet come to a firm decision about this, we understand that the current crowding issues with Idols in the inventory can be problematic, and we will continue to look for alternative solutions that can be developed in a reasonable time frame (which, unfortunately, isn't the case for a specific collection inventory).

We have high hopes for the Idols system; from now on, it will be our main system to allow players to solve their content problems. We intend to use this feature on a larger scale and we are aware that we have to continue to improve the way it works.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to your feedback.

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