Haven Bags are finally coming to DOFUS with build 2.32, allowing you to customize the inside of a house while giving you extra storage space.

These ‘houses’ are shared between all characters on the same account and same server (like a bank). Haven Bags are available for every account, but some features will be reserved for subscription accounts only.


The inside of a Haven Bag can be furnished with different decorative items, furnishings or smaller items. In build 2.32, decorative items fill up just one cell each, but you can arrange some of these together in order to create sets that fill several cells. We’re looking into the possibility of giving you a more long-term method of using decorative items across several cells.

Decorative items are grouped into themes (a Kerub-style house or a typical Amakna house, for example). You can choose a theme for your Haven Bag, which will set the appearance of the walls and flooring. So it’s up to you how you want to furnish the inside of your Haven Bag. Any decorative items you own can still be used for the same Haven Bag, even if they come from different themes; for example, you can use an armchair from the Kerub theme and a table from the Amakna theme.

In build 2.32, we’ve come up with two themes that will be available to all players (a third theme will be available in the shop), but we intend to add others gradually. We’re planning some themes that will be available in future as subscription gifts, from the shop or via community events.

Storage space

Haven Bags will include a storage chest with a 1,000-pod capacity. We chose a pod-based rather than a slot-based restriction because we didn’t want these chests to be used for unlimited, mobile storage (Haven Bags ‘follow’ their owner and can be accessed almost anywhere).

The pod capacity for Haven Bags can be increased up to 11,000 pods via a service purchased with Ogrines (up to a maximum of 10 increases of 1,000 pods each). Edit: The pod capacity of a Haven Bags chest increases with the account's seniority, calculated according to the number of days that the account has had subscriber status, starting from the day the account was created.

This chest can only be accessed by the characters from your account, and you can’t share access to it with characters from other accounts (so you can’t use it as a communal chest shared with other players). When you access this chest with one character, you’ll be precluded from accessing it again for several minutes with another character from your account. This restriction limits the use of Haven Bags as a system for exchanging items between characters from the same account with no distance limitation. 


The Haven Bag is available from level 10 onwards and is accessed by clicking on a button in the interface. Your character is then automatically transported inside. Haven Bags are accessible from all maps allowing exit and entry teleportation (for example, they can’t be accessed from a Divine Dimension or a dungeon).

You are able to invite other characters into your Haven Bag. If they accept the invitation, they are teleported to the entrance. Characters can stay in the Haven Bag as long as its owner is logged in.

When characters leave a Haven Bag, or when its owner logs out, they return to the exact location they were in before entering the Haven Bag.

The Haven Bag contains a Zaap, which allows you to access the entirety of the game’s Zaap network. Just like any other Zaap, the cost of teleportation depends on the distance between the departure Zaap and the destination Zaap (therefore it’s no longer more cost-effective to use your Haven Bag’s Zaap than a simple Recall Potion).

Trade between players inside Haven Bags will not be permitted because we don’t want the use of Haven Bags to enable item trading between just any players regardless of their location in the world (characters invited into Haven Bags are teleported there from their point of origin).


The Haven Bag will feature a Lottery machine, which can be used once a day per account. It will allow you to consistently receive a randomly selected reward (Fairyworks, consumables, experience scrolls, Mimisymbics, items from cosmetic sets, Incarnations, etc.) The rewards won’t all have the same drop rate and some will be very rare indeed (Mimisymbics, for example).

This lottery is only available to subscribed characters.

Q & A

What is the difference between a Haven Bag and a standard house?

Haven Bags are customizable but can’t be shared like a house, and you cannot access a player’s Haven Bag when they’re not logged in. The Haven Bag chest can only be accessed by its owner and has a pods restriction rather than a slot restriction.

Haven Bags can be accessed from any map where teleportation is allowed.

Will it be possible in future to furnish standard houses in game?

We’re not planning to currently, as houses work differently on a technical level and making their interiors customizable would involve a significant workload. But we wouldn’t definitively rule it out if Haven Bags turn out to be very successful.

How will Haven Bags work if people are playing on different servers?

In just the same way as a bank, your Haven Bags are specific to each server (while remaining common to all the characters on the same server). This means you can kit out different Haven Bags if you play across several servers. Themes and chest expansions are shared across your account, so you will find them enabled for every Haven Bag from a single account.

During character migration, the contents and settings of Haven Bags are not transferred to the target server.

Are you planning to create any guild or alliance Haven Bags?

Haven Bags are designed to stop existing when their owner isn’t logged in (in order to optimize the way they work), so there are no plans currently to create guild or alliance Haven Bags, as these would need to exist permanently (even when their owner isn’t logged in) so that other users would be able to access them.

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