In the April update, we are adding a new messaging system for players in combat: instant messages.

These are pre-set messages that can be automatically sent to your team (via the “Team” channel). This will make team communication easier during a fight and let you send important, pertinent information quickly. For example, this might be information about how much time is left before a spell can be used again, or how long a status will last.
To send an instant message all you have to do is click on a particular element while holding down the “Alt” key.
Below are a few examples of how to use this new function. Just hold down the “Alt” key and click on one of the following:

  • Any cell on the map: The cell is highlighted as usual with an arrow indicating a particular cell.
  • Health, AP, or MP in the central medallion: This will show the number of health points, AP and MP you have at the moment.
  • A spell in the shortcuts bar: This shows if a spell can be cast or not. If the spell cannot be cast, it will tell you why (e.g. recasting delay, blocked or required status, summoning limit reached or not enough AP).
  • A status in the Timeline: This will show the duration of the status, the character affected (if there is one) and the length of time the status will remain active (e.g. for the Rekop spell)
  • After choosing a spell in the shortcuts bar and aiming at a cell you can also tell the rest of the team about its limits before you cast it: Potentially, this could show that an enemy is out of range or that there is an obstacle blocking your line of sight.

Communication is often the key to victory during team combat and we will keep working on similar functions to make communication between players more efficient.
We hope that this small improvement will help you to get out of some really tricky situations!

Category: Developement