We are planning a Guild Notice system (similar to a “Message of the Day” ), for the 2.34 update. The system will facilitate desynchronized communication and organization among guild members (organize a dungeon, a Perceptor’s attack, plan an event, send vital information, a funny joke and so on).

How it works in the guild interface

The Guild Notice is displayed in the main guild interface tab and can be edited by any member of the guild (no special user rights are required); the date and name of the author will systematically appear above the notice.
A Guild Notice is a permanent message (it is not deleted after a certain amount of time). The message can be changed at any time. The length of a notice is limited to 256 characters. Members will see the Guild Notice at start of the game. This size limit is meant to encourage players to use clear and concise information. The size limit is the same as for the chat interface.
Guild notices can contain URL (clickable) links. Clicking these will open the same virus prevention and verification message that is displayed when clicking a link in the chat interface. 

Example of a standard, well-written, Guild Notice.

Example of a Guild Notice by a guild member who does not read Devblogs and does not fully understand the idea of Guild Notices.

The main tab in the guild interface. Some information has been moved to the bottom of the interface to leave more room for the Guild Notice.

How it works in the chat interface

The Guild Notice is automatically displayed when you log in to the chat interface, immediately after the red welcome message. It will be displayed in the same color as guild channel messages.

When a Guild Notice is edited, all members of the guild will receive notification in the guild channel.

Potential iterations

The Guild Notice system introduced in Version 2.34 is only the first iteration. If this feature meets the communities expectations we will look at the possibility of adding an alliance system.
It might be interesting for guilds and alliances to have a place where they can write longer and less “temporary” texts than notices. (For example, to present the rules and organization of a guild or alliance). We will explore this possibility further, if feedback about Guild Notices is encouraging.
We do not have any dates set for the next iterations. Development has not begun. We hope to leverage what we have already developed for Guild Notices, however we first need to confirm the technical viability of storing potentially large quantities text on our servers.

Q & A


Do we have to write a Guild Notice?

The notice section can be left empty, if you are not interested in this feature. No message will be displayed in the chat interface when you log in to start playing.

Why not have special user privileges so that only some people can modify a Guild Notice?

User privilege management is already quite problematic (it is a fairly complex system that needs to be totally revised), and we are trying to avoid additional user privileges unless absolutely necessary.
Adding the author and date of the last modification should be enough to ensure that this feature is used properly by guilds that are well-managed by responsible and active leaders.

Can we disable Guild Notices at the start of the game?

We do not plan to include this option in the Version 2.34 release, but we do want to add a disable Guild Notices option in later iterations.

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