We are slowly but steadily getting ready for the 8th instalment of the Goultarminator. Before we get started on the selection phases and the fights themselves, let's go over the main bullet points of this year's rules!

16 classes in the Tournament

As it was in 2015, the Goultarminator VIII will include 16 class representatives, allowing for the composition of 4 teams, each including 4 distinct characters. The Huppermages, who have recently joined the World of Twelve, will not take part in the competition this year. 

No more pillar classes

As the stakes of the Goultarminator have evolved, the necessity for pillar classes within the teams has lessened with time. This year, we thought it better to remove this notion of pillar classes entirely and let players design their 4 teams with a tactical mindset that would encompass their overall progression in the tournament.     

A supervised class change

While it is possible for a player to enter the Goultarminator with a different class than the one they usually play, it is however important to supervise the selection phases in order to prevent any problems that may occur on the Tournament server.

As such, if you want to change classes, you will need to plan your use of the service at least 24 hours before the registrations to the tournament start, and you wouldn't be allowed to change classes again until the characters are saved to the Tournament server. In other words, once you've registered to the tournament with a specific class, you are bound to play the tournament with said class.

It's important to note that, should a character undergo a class change during the Test of Speed, its score would not be counted, and its registration would be considered null and void

A more server-centric tournament

This year, we want to apply the "server v server" format as soon as the qualification phases. This will require a few modifications: 
  • In the first round, the pairing system will randomly select the two servers that will do battle against each other. At the end of the 4 fights, there will be 3 possible results: 4-0, 3-1, 2-2. In the first two instances, the winning server will get 3 Swiss points and the losing one 0. In the third case, the points will be shared, up to 1 per server. 
  • For the 5 following rounds, the system will pair servers depending on their numbers of Swiss points and their OVP (exactly like it was last year with teams).
    It will then choose the precise pairings for the 4 fights, based on the team rankings.
  • At the end of the 6 rounds, the servers will be ranked based on the following criteria (by order of importance):
    • Swiss points
    • OVP,
    • Sum of the Swiss points per team
    • Sum of the Goultarminator points per team
We hope that these modifications will help give even more meaning to server team spirit and overall skill level, rather than letting servers rely on a single team.

Furthermore, this way lets us plan a single server's fights at different hours, which would allow spectators to support and cheer for their champions each night! 

A rebalanced Test of Speed

Incarnation weapons and Idols will not be allowed during the Test of Speed
We would also like to remind you that it is forbidden to register several characters in this Test in order to prevent another player from accessing the Test of Popularity, and that such practices will warrant an immediate disqualification from the tournament.  

A more precise way to elect the captain

In order to stimulate team compositions and ensure their cohesion, we want to modify the election process for the captain. As such, a Captain will no longer be named based on the votes of all voters, but only based on the votes cast by the 32 representatives during the Test of Popularity

A modified drafting system

In order to better balance servers A and B, the banishment order during the drafting phase is reversed:
  1. Server A bans a class.
  2. Server B bans a class.
  3. Server A selects a class.
  4. Server B selects a class.
  5. Server B selects a class.
  6. Server A selects a class.
  7. Server B bans a class.
  8. Server A bans a class.
  9. Server B selects a class.
  10. Server A selects a class.
  11. Server A selects a class.
  12. Server B selects a class.


The Test of Speed will start on Wednesday, June 15th and end on Sunday, July 3rd.
The Test of Popularity will start on Thursday, July 7th and end on Tuesday, July 12th.

The representatives that are then selected for the tournament will need to compose their teams between Monday, July 18th and Thursday, July 21st.

The data save used for the importation of the characters to the Tournament server will be done on Tuesday, July 19th.

The fights for the 2016 Goultarminator will take place from August 1st to August 28th:
  • Round #1: August 1st
  • Round #2: August 3rd
  • Round #3: August 5th
  • Round #4: August 8th
  • Round #5: August 10th
  • Round #6: August 12th
  • Round of 8: August 18th
  • Quarter-finals: August 21st
  • Semi-finals: August 24th
  • Little Finals: August 27th
  • Finals: August 28th

The fights will start at 4 different times (Paris time). This year, we have decided to submit a survey to you in order to choose the timetable for the tournament.
We invite you to start voting right now, as the survey will be over Sunday, June 5th, at 23:59 (Paris time).

New fighting maps

A few days ago, we have asked you to take part in the design process for the maps that will be used in the final phases of the Goultarminator. You can now check the final result, based on the selected maps:

Furthermore, all of the backgrounds for the old maps have been redesigned a little in order to improve their readability during the fights. At the same time, the "Transparency" mode now displays some of the actions that are the most important to follow in a fight, such as portals, glyphs, and traps.
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