A little while ago, we asked for your opinion on the Dofus interfaces. After collecting and analyzing the scores of feedback you provided, we started thinking about ways to optimize your game experience.

We also put forward a new graphic theme to bring our cherished interfaces up to date with current trends. It was a tough challenge because Dofus has been around for over 10 years and we all get set in our ways. So, we needed to find a style guide that was consistent with the universe while maintaining the spirit of the game.

So why do it, then?

For several reasons:
  • To improve the general ergonomics, so that interacting with the game is more intuitive and practical for both new players and our long-term fans.
  • To recreate a consistent style guide, which means that, in addition to simply giving it a fresh look, we have also taken advantage of the revamp to improve consistency between interfaces.
  • To give the players more freedom, with movable elements and a few surprises that you’ll soon discover!

How did it go?

Well, obviously, giving a game that’s over 10 years old a make-over is no easy task and it takes time, so we’re going to do it step by step. This means as little disruption as possible to the production of new content.
We began by targeting the bigger interfaces, where we redesigned their ergonomics without making you lose your bearings too much.
We’re aware that this is quite a significant change, but I can only recommend you give this new interface a chance and familiarize yourself with it. The improvements made really will offer you a better game experience.

So what is happening exactly?

In short:
  • A newly designed interface
  • A new fullscreen map
  • The possibility of moving around and resizing the elements of the main interface however you like
  • New tooltips for spells and items that are more reactive and better structured
  • The option of adding additional spell bars

Ok. What comes next?

For the first patch in September, we have revised the ergonomics of the biggest interfaces and the style guide. We are going to continue this optimization over coming patches (craft, quests, etc.)
So, we’re not stopping there. We’re going to keep refining, improving and adding new features along the way! And if you want to contribute and tell us what you think, go to the Dofus Lab. We regularly share new information and talk about what we’re currently working on.

Enjoy the game!
Category: Game design