You have questions about the new interfaces, we have answers!

A redefined design

We wanted to rebuild the game interfaces from the ground up, to give them a more modern feel, and also to make it easier for players to become familiar with them; this involved making them more practical and intuitive, thus improving the overall in-game experience. To achieve this, we've been working on new features and have improved many others, maintaining overall aesthetic consistency.


Interfaces you can adjust and customize

The HUD (heads-up display) includes all of the interfaces always visible on your screen: the chat, the spell bar, the map...
In the next update (2.36), you'll now be able to move the HUD elements to resize them and achieve your desired layout.
If you move your mouse over the right-hand side of each module or window, a dotted line or gray bar appears, allowing you to click and drag the modules wherever you like.
To return a module to its place of origin, double-click its dotted line or gray bar.
It will also be possible to configure the interface differently if you're in a fight. So during your first fights, take the time to modify your interface as you see fit. The layout will be saved, and you'll only need to set it once.
Also, you can now add up to 4 shortcut bars. Just click on the "+" button to the right of the spell or item bars.

Tooltips: hover over an item to get all of its information

The item description frame took up lots of space in the interfaces. We've decided to remove it in favor of a dynamic, customizable tooltip. This will offer the same features as the former item pages, plus lots more:
  • Group and prioritize information for easier reading: at a glance, you can see the effects, conditions, and characteristics of an item without having to change tabs.
  • See an item's theoretical rolls at all times (press ctrl while hovering over an item).
  • Pin several tooltips at the same time – practical for comparing different pieces of equipment (press shift while hovering over an item).
  • Quickly compare an item currently equipped with an item in your inventory by hovering over it.

A completely redesigned world map


Easier accessibility for 15-inch and smaller screens

The first time you start the game, you can choose the text size which is most appropriate for your screen size.
If you've already installed the game and have a 15-inch or smaller screen, go to Options – Menu, and select "Text optimisation for small screens".



• Will other themes be offered in the future?

We won't offer any other themes, but we're working on the possibility of allowing players to create their own themes and to offer them to the community. This feature is currently being tested. The more curious among you will find what you're looking for with the opening of the next update's beta. But be careful! You'll need to know a bit about development to customize your interface.


• Have the keyboard shortcuts changed?

No, the keyboard shortcuts are the same.


• Why is a frame left empty where items used to be displayed in the inventory?

In the near future, we're planning to use this space to show information relating to equipment and new features.


• Is it possible to increase the size of the spell bar?

No, the current page system doesn't allow increasing the size of the spell bar; it is however possible to duplicate it to display extra pages.


• Can the minimap be closed?

No, we don't currently have any plans to allow the minimap to be closed completely. This feature may be implemented in a future patch.
For any other questions or suggestions, come and chat with us on the DOFUS Lab forum.