In the December update we will give you the possibility to go beyond level 200 by earning Prestige levels. These levels will allow you to unlock new spells dedicated to each class, which we call variants.


The spell variants system has the following main objectives:
  • Offer new spells for each class: We would like to create more variety and versatility in the classes so that some of the secondary roles can evolve into primary roles for example. We would also like to create more variety in the pertinent elemental branches for all of the classes.
  • Allow characters in the same class to distinguish themselves, to create original “builds” and add a significant degree of choice (the mechanism of a spell “deck” ). At present, the system’s unlimited spell points don’t make it possible to have an element of choice concerning spells, since all of the characters in the same class have access to the full range of their spells during combat. With the spell choice system, we increase the overall versatility of the classes, while obliging players to select spells between battles (not all of the spells can be used in the same battle).
  • Giving players additional tools to help them adapt to the game’s difficulty. We want to make a wider variety of class builds possible and allow players to partially modify the capacities of a class to meet their requirements (specific Boss, quest battle, etc.). For example, we want certain classes to be able to increase their protection abilities to the detriment of damage inflicted, if their group lacks sufficient protection.
  • Make the game more accessible to new players while also making it richer for experienced players. The variants will ultimately allow us to make the first spells unlocked by a given character simpler while simultaneously allowing us to offer spells with more tactical depth beyond level 200.

How it Works

Each “class spell” will eventually have a variant (in the December update only the first 6 class spells will have a variant). We plan for all spells to have a variant before the end of 2017.

The spell variants are unlocked starting at level 200 (one new variant per Prestige level).

The player must choose between the basic spell and its variant (the player cannot use a spell and its variant in the same battle).

Some variants are simple spell variations but they can have a substantial impact (altering the range, AP cost, effect zone, etc.) while others may have radically different effects and introduce new game mechanics to the class.

Removal of Spell Levels

The idea of levels (or grades) for spells has been removed. Spells now evolve automatically based on the level of the character.

We removed the concept of spell levels and spell points to be invested because this mechanism added unnecessary complexity without adding any richness to the game (it did not allow the player to make genuine choices because all of the spells could reach level 6).

Additional spell points (obtained via spell scrolls) owned by characters will be automatically converted into Kolossokens when the update is released.

The removal of spell scrolls (no longer obtained from the NPC but converted into Kolossokens) could lead to a decrease in the destruction of Kolossokens and hence lower their value.

We will continue working on increasing the destruction of Kolossokens (to increase their value) but we will not be able to provide any significant modification in time for the December update. However, a new surprise reward will be available in December in exchange for an exorbitant amount of Kolossokens!


The player can change their spell variants between each battle. By allowing great flexibility in the choice of variants, we want to encourage you to devise new, dedicated tactics for each battle.

Ever had problems because your character doesn’t have enough positioning or protection skills to win a fight in a high-level quest? By picking certain spell variants you are given the possibility of making a “build” specifically tailored to a difficult fight.

Common Spells

Common spells (Spark, Release, etc.) will not have any variants.

These do not have spell levels and evolve automatically (like class spells).

In the long run, we would like to change the way they work. We haven’t added any new common spells for several years because they create big problems in terms of balancing since they give common abilities to all of the classes and are devoid of choice (each additional common spell can be used in combination with all the other existing spells).

Ideally, we would like to add many more common spells, on the condition that they introduce a genuine element of choice (for example, thirty or so common spells available but a maximum of 3 can be selected per combat).

However, we would like to focus on adding new spell variants in 2017 before we look at changing the system of common spells.

Tournaments and Competitive PvP

To possess all of the spell variants for a class, a player will have to make their character progress past level 200.

We realize that this additional progression phase might be seen as one more obstacle to attaining a very high-level, competitive PvP.

This is why we are also paying careful attention to the amount of experience required to unlock the Prestige levels. We don’t want it to take an unusually long time to obtain all of the spells for a class.

We will make sure that battles in the Kolossium at a very high level allow you to earn enough experience to unlock Prestige levels in a reasonable fashion.

Q & A

Will it be possible to save several variant choices (as we do for custom sets)?

We know that this sort of system will become more and more important as we continue to add new spell variants. We would like to see how the system works first so that we can determine the best way of saving your spell variant choices.

How can a player prepare a tactical PvP response if we don’t know which variants our opponent will use beforehand?

This is an issue that we are aware of and we will continue to work on this problem.

Isn’t there a risk that the classes lose their identity with the addition of these new variants and become too flexible?

We will make sure that the new variants reinforce the minor or secondary roles that are already present in the classes. In some cases the variants could lead to new roles, but we will work to ensure that the identity of the class is preserved.

Will spells have more than one variant?

Based on your feedback, we could consider the introduction of a second variant for each class spell.
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