If the previous article about the sketches for Chapter 1 of Ohwymi wasn’t enough to quench your thirst, we now give you a close-up look at a few of the sketches and illustrations from the second part of this zone!

“Pay no attention to the mess, come in, come in!”
Oh dear... we probably should have warned you that it’s not always pretty. The new dungeon often looks like a Bwork’s insides (so far, no Bwork has denied it) but in Chapter 2 of Ohwymi you’ll also find some places that are worth their weight in gold, like this one...

You see! Suddenly, no-one's complaining anymore!

After the first zone, which was clearly inspired by cowboy movies and the Wild West, the new chapter is filled with pyramids and fantasy worlds full of treasure.

But before you dash on ahead, take a look at some creatures that can make a grown man blubber like a baby! After the Shai-Hulud sandworm from Dune, our artists’ imaginations were fired up by other famous cinematic worms! Who else, other than the infamous Graboids (famous sandworms) from Tremors could have tunneled such big holes in the Canyon’s rock? Who you ask...? Certainly not a Drheller! Ah! AHHH! And what about those suspicious prints in the sand? Who made those? A Larvicily perhaps?



Definitely not.

The desert of the netherworld is the home of our final cinematic reference and gargantuan sandworm, which comes from Beetlejuice by Tim Burton.

 You may also notice that the Star Wars references continue into this part of the zone, there’s even what appears to be a podracer from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

"Roger, fill her up and check the oil while you’re at it. If you don’t mind.”  

If you manage to reach the northern part of the zone without any unfortunate encounters, and don’t wind up becoming worm meat, you will find what appears to be the ruins of a great city. Hieroglyphics engraved on remnants of the walls will confirm: the art team loves hard rock, moustaches and... OMG, COVER YOUR EYES, KIDS!

So, stuck between a worm-filled desert and our artists’ imaginations, we’re not out of the sandbox yet...

And when anyone mentions pyramids, we all think of hieroglyphics. Among the broken jars and scattered gold coins (since artists aren’t just emotional messes!), some of the symbols might look familiar... But if you think we’re going to tell you everything right now: Well, you can forget it! 

The head architect for this part of the zone is no other than... Milou! 

Like any pyramid worthy of its title (those of Ohwymi are no exception!): Ancient Egyptian folklore can be seen everywhere, right down to the tiniest detail: booby traps, treasure, mummies that look like Mumm-Ra from the Thundercats, and jackals and unfriendly scarab beetles. Everything in this little world is deadly (it’s a bit like Australia)!

An aura of mystery has always enshrouded pyramids the world over. Some (particularly imaginative) theorists even believe they were built by aliens. The Fifth Element and the Stargate series have also influenced the second chapter of Ohwymi.

So now you know (almost) everything about the artwork behind the scenes of the second Ohwymi zone. Join us in-game this December to discover these hidden treasures with your own eyes!

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