The new Ouginak class will be available to all players in update 2.40.


Their canine, barbarous look says a lot about the way their spells function: this is a class that seeks out contact to inflict maximum damage. To be precise, their spells rely on two key mechanisms: Rage and Prey.

Rage and Bestial Form

The Ouginak is able to increase their Rage gradually by casting some very powerful spells that are distributed amongst all the elemental paths. There is no re-casting interval required, but they do need to be cast at very close range. Each time one of these spells is cast, the Ouginak’s Rage increases one level. They can only have 2 levels of Rage.

The more enraged an Ouginak becomes, the less damage they take, but if they surpass 2 levels of Rage then their bestial form is unleashed. When an Ouginak is in bestial form, they can no longer cast long range class spells nor attack using their weapon, however they do benefit from increased mobility and their damage output increases.

There are also spells that allow them to control their Rage and decrease it by one level. These spells have additional effects too, such as healing or increased strength. They help the Ouginak calm down when they don’t want to transform.

There are also spells that can increase the Ouginak’s Rage when their enemies perform certain actions. For example, an Ouginak can give shield points to an ally, but if the target suffers pushback damage that removes their shield the Ouginak’s Rage increases, which can cause them to transform against their wishes.

A Good Hunter

The Ouginak can designate an enemy as Prey using a class spell that is cast at medium range and places a state on the enemy: this enemy then becomes the target of choice.

This Prey state encourages all allies to attack the Prey. When allies attack designated Prey, they steal the target’s health points. It is best for the Ouginak to focus all their attention on the target too: most of these spells have particular effects when they are being cast on the Prey and will make it easier to follow the Prey as it tries to escape.

The Elements

Ouginak spells are also linked to these two mechanisms.

Each elemental path has 1 spell that increases Rage, and 2 spells that have an additional effect on a Prey. Attack spells are generally close range, but on the other hand, they inflict substantial damage.
  • Fire: This path has useful spells for pursuing Prey. For example, by stealing MP or moving closer to it.
  • Earth: The Earth Ouginaks are more resistant, they have a health stealing spell and can reduce damage received.
  • Air: The Air element is the best element for inflicting pure, all out damage; they have a more flexible range, and can decrease and increase damage.
  • Water: This elemental path is less powerful than the others in terms of damage values. However, the long range of the Water path gives them the flexibility to finish off an enemy in retreat, or to inflict damage before coming into close contact.

The Ouginak class will be available for testing on the beta server soon. Let us know what you think!

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