Expected to begin on April 18th, the server fusion will result in a few game modifications. Here are the details.

The Server Fusion will take place in several waves. We'll start on April 18th with the fusion of the following servers (which will be grouped together to form a single server):

  • Rushu (int)
  • Rosal (int)
  • Solar (int)
  • Aermine (int)
  • Zatoishwan (int)
  • Shika (int)
  • Dark Vlad (nl)
  • Ereziah (it)
  • Nehra (de)
  • Padgref (ru)

On the new international server, a new general communication channel will be added for some languages (IT, DE, NL, RU) to allow players from these communities to communicate more easily.

Our communication will, therefore, initially be focused on our international players. We will guide them through this first stage and only then, once we know everything's working as it should, will it be the French servers' turn.

We'll need to wait a minimum of one week between each wave of fusion to make sure the process has worked correctly, without any major incidents. Of course, we're talking about the minimum deadline, but it may be extended if we encounter any problems. In any case, we'll keep you informed of our progress.

Character Names, Guilds and Alliances

After the fusion, it may be that several characters, guilds or alliances have the same name. If that happens, the following rules will be applied.

Character Names

  • The character who is level 50, who has logged in within the last 12 months and who has held a subscription will be given priority in keeping their name.
    • If two players have priority for the same name, then it goes to the character with the oldest creation date.
    • If two characters the same name but neither of them has priority, then it goes to the character with the oldest creation date.
  • We'll add the original server tag to the end of the other characters' names. These characters will be given the chance to change their name free of charge via a potion provided (linked to the character for life). They won't have to change their name when logging in, they can change it whenever they like.

For example, for a renamed character that was originally named Simsoft from the Jiva server will look like this: Simsoft-[Jiv].

Guild Names

  • The guild with the oldest creation date gets to keep the name.
  • The other guilds will be given a tag at the end of their name, indicating their original server. They will be able to change their names free of charge using a potion given to the leaders (linked to the character for life).

For example, for a guild named Roxor from the Pouchecot server: Roxor-[Pou].

Alliance Names

  • The alliance with the oldest creation date gets to keep the name.
  • The other alliances will be given a tag at the end of their name, indicating their original server. They will be able to change their names free of charge using a potion given to the leaders (linked to the character for life).

For example, for an alliance named DevRoxxor from the Bowisse server: DevRoxxor-[Bow].

Alliance Tags

  • The alliance with the oldest creation date gets to keep its tag.
  • The other alliances will have a number added to the end of their tag. They will be able to change their tag free of charge using a potion given to the leaders (linked to the character for life).

For example, for an alliance with the tag SAV: SAV2.


We don't talk about active or inactive guilds or alliances. Once they're inactive, they're automatically deleted. So, it's not possible to have an inactive guild or alliance.

Don't forget that as long as one member is active, their guild and alliance is also considered active. As it stands, guilds and alliances with no active members are automatically deleted.

The creation date of guilds and alliances will therefore be the only criteria taken into account to determine which one will have priority over any other guilds or alliances sharing the same name.

What will happen to perceptors?

Perceptors will be removed from all maps during the fusion. However, their inventory will be transferred to their owner's bank.

What will happen to alliance prisms?

Alliance prisms will be removed. Unfortunately, we can't return nuggets, but the modules present on them will be transferred to the alliance leader's bank.

We would therefore advise you to anticipate this and collect the nuggets before the server fusion.

Will the naming of characters be relaxed?

Yes, we plan to make the naming of characters more relaxed. It will be possible, for example, to use class names, two dashes and apostrophes.

Are you going to free up the names of characters that haven't played in a long time?

Yes, we're planning on freeing up the nicknames of accounts who have never held a subscription and who haven't been logged in for over two years.

Houses and Paddocks

We have developed a system of "instances". In other words, several versions of houses and paddocks will be able to exist on the same server. Of course, each owner will only be able to access their own paddock or house and won't be able to use the other instances.

When you hover over the entrance to the house or paddock with your mouse, a tooltip will display the names of all the owners.

Will it be possible own several houses on the same server?

Currently, you can only have one house per account per server.

This limit will still be in place when buying a house, but an exception will be made if an account already owns several houses over separate servers that are going to be fused together. In this case, the owner will still own all their houses after the fusion.

It will therefore also be possible to own several instances of the same house after the fusion.

Will it be possible to own the same house several times?

Yes. If a player owns the same house on servers that will be fused together, they will be the owner of several instances of this house.

In this particular case, in addition to the owner's name, the original server will also be displayed. This will be especially useful in choosing which instance to access.

How will mounts in paddocks with several instances be displayed?

If several guilds own the same paddock, several instances of this paddock will exist:

  • The members of the guilds that own the paddock will see the mounts from their own guild;
  • Characters who are not members of these guilds will see the mounts from one of the guilds.

Are you going to keep the abandoned house and paddocks system?

Yes, but abandoned instances cannot be put up for sale. Instances that become abandoned will automatically disappear and, eventually (as more and more are abandoned), there will only be one instance of each house or paddock left.

If there is only one instance of a house or a paddock, it will be possible for it to become abandoned and it will automatically be put up for sale.

When an instance is deleted, its basic purchase price is reimbursed (not the real purchase price).

Will it be possible to sell a paddock or house, even if there are several instances of it?

It will be possible to sell your instance of a paddock or house, even if there are several instances of said paddock or house.

Will mount certificates be transferred over?

Certificates (whether invalid or not) won't be deleted during the fusion and will therefore be transferred.

Will abandoned paddocks and houses be transferred over?

Abandoned paddocks and houses will not be transferred over during the server fusion. They are no longer in use and we would like to reduce the number of instances of houses and paddocks over time.

How will home potions work if a player has several houses?

If a player only has one house, it won't work any differently than with the current system. However, in the case of players who have several houses, an interface will be displayed allowing them to choose their teleportation destination.

Banks, Items and Trade

If an account has several banks over different servers that are going to be fused together, the contents of these banks will be combined in the new bank.

Items in Marketplaces at the time of the fusion will be placed in the bank and the sale fee will be refunded.

Characters in Merchant Mode at the time of the fusion will be removed and the associated fees will be refunded.

The contents of public inventories (trash, for example) will be deleted at the time of fusion.

Will artisans' signatures be transferred over?

Artisans' signatures on items will be correctly kept (and automatically updated in the case of changes to the character name) following the fusion of the game servers.

What will happen to the average prices?

Information about average prices will be pooled (between servers that will be fused together) to generate new average prices.

What will happen to the rune shattering rate?

Information about shattering will be pooled (between servers that will be fused together) to generate new rates.

Haven Bags

The chest contents of the different Haven Bags (used on the servers to be fused) will be grouped together in the new Haven Bag chest.

The chest's item limit may, therefore, be temporarily exceeded. Please note that as long as the chest limit is exceeded, you won't be able to add anything else to it.

If you have Haven Bag rooms on different servers, they will be grouped together, but it won't be possible to exceed the maximum number of Haven Bag rooms. Therefore, certain rooms may disappear. In this case, the following rule will be applied: the rooms kept will be the ones containing the most scenery elements.

For example:

  • Haven Bag Room A: 10 chairs and 1 table
  • Haven Bag Room B: 15 carpets

If your account's maximum number of rooms is 1, only Haven Bag Room B will be kept.

The number of rooms kept takes into account the purchase of additional rooms.

We have decided to give priority to the rooms containing the most elements because this lets the players choose for themselves which rooms they most want to hold on to (by "emptying" rooms they don't wish to keep).

Server Distribution

The aim of the Server Fusion is to bring together enough players on each server to guarantee an optimal game experience (like on Agride, for example).

The criteria used for the choice of server distribution are the communities and the number of players connected at peak hours.

Will Agride be fusioned?

No, Agride will not be fusioned with other servers. Historically, this is our host server for new players, so its population has been permanently renewed over the last few years. At the moment, players on Agride benefit from an optimal game experience and we would like to keep it that way.

Additionally, we would like for it to continue working the way it is now (no incoming migration, outgoing migration permitted and preferred server for the creation of new characters).

Are you taking into account the RP and PvP communities?

When determining how servers will be grouped, our main criteria is the number of simultaneous players at peak time.

"PvP and RP group presence" type criteria are not taken into account, because they're difficult to quantify. Furthermore, should we make sure that each new server has at least one PvP and RP community? Or, on the other hand, should we try to group these communities together?

We think that the server fusion is a new adventure. Communities are going to evolve naturally, according to the players' wishes, regardless of any choices we make.

Are economic differences taken into account?

We aren't taking into account economic differences between game servers. They are far too complex to estimate (each item may have its own price) and, generally speaking, the economies all work the same way from one server to another. There are some differences, but these will all be smoothed out quickly with the fusion anyway.

Will the migration move small servers onto existing servers?

There won't be any "host" servers. The fusions will combine multiple servers into "new" servers. We want all our players to start off again on an equal footing in this adventure.

We're taking advantage of these changes to modify the physical architecture of our servers and use more efficient architecture.


Will it still be possible to change server after the fusion?

The character migration service will be available after the fusion for communities with several servers, in other words, Spanish and French.

Are you planning on suspending any services during the fusion?

To avoid various problems when announcing the server distribution, we will temporarily deactivate the following services:

  • Migration of a character to another server
  • Transferring a character to another account
  • Changes to character names
  • Changes to guild names
  • Changes to alliance names


Are you going to adapt the number of harvestable resources?

The ecosystem for harvestable resources was planned to work on servers with a large population and we don't expect it to require any changes. As the value of resources depends in part on their rarity, it's to be expected that some resources are more difficult to obtain.

The trade value of harvestable resources is often seen as being insufficient. We think that with a bit more competition, this value could increase.

We will, however, be keeping an eye on any problems you may encounter and will adjust the respawn speed of the resources if necessary.

Isn't there a risk of there being too many characters in some maps?

We don't expect this to be the case because the game was designed to work with a large number of players. However, if we notice that some activities (quests, professions, harvests, etc.) become unworkable on certain "overpopulated" maps, we will make some changes to better redistribute these activities throughout the game.

Will it be possible for a French player to play on an international server?

This rule isn't going to change. The international server is for those players who don't have their own specific server.

Will the server fusion have a direct impact on the Epic and Heroic servers?

The fusion doesn't concern these two servers, so they won't be affected by these changes.

Will we keep our friends list?

The friends list will be kept after the server fusion.

Where will the characters reappear after the fusion?

There won't be any changes to the way it currently works. When a character logs back in, they will be in the same place as where they last logged out.

What will happen to the age bonuses of monsters and resources?

Bonuses (shown via stars above the monsters and resources) will be reset after the fusion.

What will happen to the community challenges?

All community challenges will be cancelled and any fees paid will be refunded.

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