In version 2.41, the shield system will be improved and new shields will be added to the game. Find out more here.
We would like to improve the shield system for the following reasons:
  • Shields are only useful for a minority of characters (they're of no use in PvE or in the Kolossium, for example).
  • The conditions to equip them are based on an obsolete honor points system that is too often circumnavigated and leaves too much room for cheating and pre-arranged fights.
  • Shields are considered large cosmetic customization elements, but they can't be used with two-handed weapons.

We decided to completely review the way shields work in the next update to resolve these problems.  


Here are our main intentions for the new shield system:
  • Usefulness for all characters: shields will give bonuses that will be useful in all types of combat (PvP and PvE).
  • Significant impact on playing style: shields will have new effects that might have a big impact on the way a character is played.
  • Choice mechanic: shields that will benefit from large bonuses will also have penalties to encourage players to make decisive choices when selecting a shield.
  • Optimal accessibility: only a level criteria applies to use a shield and all characters can use them regardless of the type of weapon they have equipped.
  • Destruction of resources: shields must allow you to consume monster, boss and kolossoken resources.
  • Interactions with smithmagic: it must be possible to modify shields through smithmagic and generate runes.

New effects and decisive choices

Shields will be equipment like none other. They will benefit from the classic effects (those you'll find on the current equipment), and they will have new effects which:
  • Increase damage dealt (in percentages) in melee/from a distance/by weapons/by spells.
  • Reduce damage suffered (in percentages) in melee/from a distance/by weapons/by spells.

These significant effects usually come with penalties, via effects which:
  • Increase damage suffered (in percentages) in melee/from a distance/by weapons/by spells.
  • Reduce damage dealt (in percentages) in melee/from a distance/by weapons/by spells.

Classic effects will still feature on shields in smaller quantities than other equipment, but the impact of the new damage dealt or received effects will make a huge difference to the characters' efficiencies.
We link these new effects to penalties to reinforce the notion of choice and help characters choose more efficient specializations.

These new effects will be exclusive to shields at first, but may eventually be used (with weaker values and not necessarily with penalties) on other future game items.  

Hands Free

The notion of a 1 or 2-handed weapon will disappear in version 2.41, which means that you'll be able to combine a shield with any weapon in the game. We want all characters to be able to equip shields without having to worry about which weapon to use.  

Some weapon balancing will be integrated in version 2.41.  


Shields will still be crafted by Artificers. Recipes will include Boss essences, Kolossium pebbles, monster resources and harvestable resources.  

Transition Between Old and New Shields

The shields' effects, power and recipes are going to be completely changed and we can't convert all the old shields into new shields. The PvP specific resistance effects will be removed from the game because they will be replaced by different effects that work in all game modes. Here's what we've planned:
  • Old broken shields: they can no longer be exchanged for other shields when talking to the Bouwada NPC. They can be equipped, but not crafted, and they can still be used with Mimisymbics. They will lose their PvP resistances. Examples: Swallowed Akwadala Shield, Horned Kloome.
  • Shields made in game: they will be renamed and you will still be able to equip them, but not craft them. They can be used with Mimisymbics. They will lose their PvP resistances. Examples: Asse Shield, Mount Stinkky Shield.
  • Cosmetic shields (shop): these shields will lose their PvP resistance effects (if they have any), but you'll still be able to equip them and use them as cosmetic items. Examples: Solaris Shield, Chisp Shield.
  • Cosmetic shields (events): there are no changes to these shields. They don't currently have any effects and are purely cosmetic. Examples: Kimbo Shield, Dramak Shield.
  • Tournament shields: these shields will lose their PvP resistance and will once again become purely cosmetic shields. Example: 646 Champion Shield.

The thirty or so shields that you can currently craft in game will be reused to create the new shields (we will generally keep the names and visuals of the shields) with different levels, effects and recipes.  

Around twenty new shields will also be added to the game for some extra diversity.  

We advise you to recycle shields (made before update 2.41) to get nuggets before the release of update 2.41 (they won't be able to generate nuggets after this update because it will no longer be possible to craft them).  

Rune Destruction, Smithmagic and Generation

In order to ensure the durability of shield crafting, you will be able to smithmage them to modify their effects, and it will also be possible to shatter them to generate classic Smithmagic Runes.  

The new shield-specific effects will allow you to generate new types of Smithmagic Runes and can therefore be used with all equipment through exotic smithmagic!  

The shields' low number of effects will primarily make smithmaging these items even easier (especially with the addition of exotic bonuses), but players will be encouraged to own several shields so they can easily adapt to different fight environments. This means you'll need to add exotic bonuses to several shields.  

Q & A


Are you planning any alternative rewards for alignment PvP?

We would like to concentrate on 1v1 PvP in the Kolossium's new 1v1 system, which will offer more balanced fights with kolossokens as rewards and experience for all characters, regardless of their level and their efficiency.
Therefore, we're not planning on introducing alternative rewards for alignment PvP, which has more issues than you can shake a stick at, as far as we're concerned (an overwhelming amount of cheating, pre-arranged fights, very unbalanced fights, etc.).  

Why keep the old versions of the shields, which get in the way when consulting the Marketplaces?

We have to keep the old shields in their category so they can continue to be used with the Mimisymbics. We are aware that keeping these old shields poses readability problems in game, but we would still like for you to be able to use these shields for cosmetic purposes.  

Will the shields make the characters more powerful?

Generally speaking, the shields are going to make characters a bit more powerful. Most of all, though, it will allow characters to be better specialized because the biggest bonuses on the shields will have penalties.
It will be easier to minimize the shields' penalties in PvE than PvP (monsters can't change shield and try to specifically counter your choices), which should make some of the PvE content more simple. This modification does not, however, replace the reduced difficulty of "end game" content that we are planning in 2017.  

Will the shields' new effects be taken into account when previewing damage?

We're going to work on the damage previews to try and take into account all the new effects added by the shields.  

Are you planning to add new shields after update 2.41?

With the new shield system a large variety of shields can be introduced. We would, therefore, like to add new ones after update 2.41.
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