As part of update 2.44, we will be making some changes to the Magical Orb (which allows players to re-assign a character’s characteristic points).

Changes to the Orb have been a hot topic in community discussions for a number of years now: you’ve often expressed your desire for more flexibility in how characteristic points are assigned.

We have decided to change the how the Orb works by breaking it into two distinct services:
  • Classic Magical Orb: the one currently in use. Its price will be cut in half, from 10 euros* to 5 euros* (or from 6000 ogrines to 3000), and it will still be an in-game object.
  • Introducing the Unlimited Magical Orb: a new service that lets you redistribute your characteristics as much as you like, across all characters on your account, for a period of 30 days. The price for this new service will be the same as for the current Magical Orb (10 euros* or 6000 ogrines).

If you opt for the Unlimited Magical Orb, the remaining time will be displayed so you always know exactly how much time you’ve got left to redistribute your characteristic points.

We hope this will satisfy your requests for more flexibility, and we’re eager to get your feedback on the new Unlimited Magical Orb.
You can check out these new changes during the beta test for version 2.44.

Q & A:

When is the Unlimited Magical Orb activated?

It is activated as soon as you buy it in the shop.

What happens if I buy more than one Unlimited Magical Orb?

Their activation periods are simply added end-to-end. For example, if you have 10 days of unlimited redistribution left, using a new unlimited orb will add 30 more days to that period, for a total of 40 days.

Are you planning to let users save “builds” for their characteristics?

We are studying this possibility for a future update. The ability to change characteristics with this build system will probably depend on having an active Unlimited Orb.

Will existing Magical Orbs be changed?

Magical Orbs currently in the game will not be changed. They will still be associated with your account and will continue to work after version 2.44 is released.

Will there be any changes to how characteristics are redistributed through Otomai in-game?

We do not plan to make any changes to how characteristics are redistributed through Otomai in-game; this option will remain available in the game as a free alternative to the Magical Orb service.
Category: Game design