In this devblog, we'll explore the changes coming to the Sacrier class in Update 2.45.


This time last year, we revamped the Sacriers, eliminating the Earth path, reorganizing elemental spells, and modifying Punishments, which were more effective when Sacriers have less than 50% their health points.
We rapidly realized that these changes to the Sacriers (notably those involving the Punishments) unfortunately raised a few issues:
  • Sacriers could change Punishments several times per turn, and this allowed them to perform multiple roles easily.
  • The system that required Sacriers to have less than half their health points to take advantage of maximum power Punishments was not very intuitive and generated an overly strong threshold effect.
For these reasons, we made considerable changes in how Punishments work last April, disconnecting them from the Sacriers' Vitality and applying a progressive bonus over several turns. 
This update allowed us to significantly improve the class without having to overhaul all spells in depth. It made the class function in a healthier manner by better separating the various roles that Sacriers can fulfill.
However, this has moved the class further away from what had previously been its specialties, notably its "Berserker" side and the ability to manage and use their Vitality wisely.
When creating spell variants (and this goes for all classes), we do not want to use mechanics that do not satisfy us as the basis for spells.
This is why we wanted to clean up Sacrier spells before dealing with their variants.

The Revamp

 This revamp aims to make the class more coherent with what it is supposed to be (its identity as a Berserker class) while improving how certain mechanics operate.


Punishments have always been a cornerstone in Sacrier spells. Last year, we reduced their number to three: Swift for mobility, Robust for taking hits, and Bloodthirsty for damage.
Today, we are leaving these vestiges of the past behind us: The Punishment system has been eliminated.

Suffering = Power

We are replacing it with a "Suffering" system:
  • The more Suffering that Sacriers accumulate, the less life they have and the more damage they inflict.
  • The less Suffering they have, the more life they have and the less damage they suffer.
Sacriers can, depending on the spells they use, increase or reduce their Suffering. Their level of Suffering is determined by the spells they use:
  • Very offensive elemental spells increase Suffering.
  • Defensive elemental spells reduce Suffering.
Sacriers can therefore decide whether they want to play a defensive or offensive role, by playing some spells instead of others.
There are obviously some limits. Suffering varies from -10 to 10 and cannot go beyond these limits, with the following bonuses:
  • Positive Suffering (1 to 10): Sacriers gain damage but lose Vitality with each increment of Suffering. 
    • At 6 and above, they change appearance and gain a better damage bonus.
  • Negative Suffering (-1 to -10): Sacriers gain Vitality with each increment. 
    • At -6 and below, they change appearance and gain a damage reduction bonus.
This system seems to us to be a good alternative to the Punishment system:
  • Their roles are no longer determined by Punishments that take the place of other potentially more interesting spells.
  • Sacriers' actions are what determine their role over time.
  • Sacriers' damages are inversely proportional to their capacity to withstand damage (the less Vitality they have, the more damage they can cause, and inversely).
As you must have noticed, the mobility bonus from the Swift Punishment has not been replaced in the Suffering gauge. While this Punishment played its role well (positioning/movement), it is a role that serves above all to complement both the class's offensive and defensive capacities. For this reason, we did not want to isolate it. Sacriers are therefore free to use mobility spells (including Transposition) at any level of Suffering.

Spell Organization

The elimination of Punishments therefore freed up 3 new spells, making it possible to bring back Earth!
The 4 elemental paths have been reorganized to better integrate the Suffering system. Each path is structured as follows:
  • 1 positioning or movement spell
  • 1 "offensive" spell that increases Suffering
  • 1 "defensive" spell that lowers Suffering
The utility spells, for their part, are little affected by this revamp:
  • The spell Transposition no longer needs a specific state to be cast.
  • The spell Convalescence no longer needs a specific state to be cast.
  • The spell Punishment no longer needs a specific state to be cast, and no longer applies the Gravity state.
  • The spell Pain Shared has been replaced by a new spell that increases Suffering by 2 levels. 
    • The spell Pain Shared spell is now used as a variant.
  • The spell Evasion now operates in a slightly different manner: It now applies Close Combat Invulnerability and always pushes back one cell in close combat attacks.

Spell Variants

Like all the other classes, the Sacriers will have a variant for each of their spells. Please see the corresponding Devblog article for more information on this subject!
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