With Update 2.45, we are adding a new Omega Level system to offer a new way for characters to progress beyond level 200.


This system's goals are as follows:
  • Offer infinite progression beyond level 200
  • Showcase the experience earned beyond level 200 with cosmetic rewards
  • Offer useful bonuses for moving up Omega levels
  • Not increase the power of characters beyond level 200

How It Works

Once level 200 is reached, your characters will unlock a new progression gauge (the Omega levels).
These levels will not increase the characters' power, but they will unlock cosmetic and useful rewards.
These levels are unlimited; they will be "quick" to unlock at first but will progressively require more and more experience.
The secondary character bonus will apply in Omega levels. For example, if you have Character A at Omega level 50 and Character B at Omega level 10 on the same account, Character B will receive double experience until it reaches Omega level 50.

Cosmetic Rewards

Characters will be able to unlock two types of rewards at specific Omega levels: ornaments and auras.

Characters' Omega levels will be visible in-game when mousing over a character (this option can be deactivated) and in most social interfaces.

Useful Rewards

For each Omega level, characters will earn useful bonuses (that have no impact on combat):
  • 5 pods
  • 1 market slot
  • 1 slot in merchant mode

Conversion of Prior Experience

Experience points earned after reaching level 200 up until the release of Update 2.45 will be converted and applied to the Omega gauge.
With the launch of Update 2.45, characters that had previously continued to acquire experience beyond level 200 may potentially reach Omega level X when they first log in.
We decided to favor converting prior experience gains for several reasons:
  • The Omega levels provide useful and cosmetic bonuses, but will not make certain characters (with huge amounts of experience) more powerful than the others.
  • These levels are unlimited, so there is no risk that certain characters would have already attained the maximum Omega level immediately on the release of Update 2.45.
  • We do not envisage competitive challenges surrounding the Omega levels, and therefore we didn't have any particular reason to start all players at Omega level 0.

Q & A


Are you planning a competition or specific rewards for characters that reach the highest Omega levels?

No, we are not planning any competitions around Omega levels (other than the experience rankings already present on the official website), nor any specific rewards for characters that reach the highest Omega levels.
The most effective ways to earn huge amounts of experience are generally based on extensive use of several accounts and an "industrial" repetition of identical content (the same dungeons with set class compositions to maximize gains, for example).
We do not want to encourage the use of these methods by promoting them via competitions or exclusive rewards.
Ideally, we would like for the most efficient methods to maximize experience gains in DOFUS to be much "healthier", but we are not in a position to achieve this in the short or medium term. This is a very long-term objective for us, one that we have already started to address via dynamic placements at the start of fights, and diversifying ways to earn experience.

Will There Be Achievements for Attaining Omega Levels?

We do not plan to add Achievements for attaining Omega levels. We feel that the current Achievements that reward attainment of classic levels are sufficient, and we prefer to limit Achievements to the most deserving activities (completing content and more difficult content).

Do you plan to introduce power bonuses for Omega levels?

We have no plans to add additional power with the Omega levels in the short, medium or long term. As with the spell variants that are obtained between levels 100 and 200, we do not want a considerable investment in experience after level 200 to be necessary to optimize your characters.
We feel that attaining level 200 takes enough time for new players who progress "normally" (without multiple accounts and without outside help).
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