In update 2.47, we are going to introduce a great many changes to the mount breeding system and a new species of mount.

Our mains goals

  • Limit excessive mount generation (mainly Dragoturkeys) to ensure that they are worth more, and to redistribute mount production among a larger number of players.
  • Increase overall resource destruction and stimulate the breeding item economy.
  • Strengthen the decreasing profitability mechanic: The more players (server-wide) breed mounts, the more breeding item consumption must increase and therefore limit the profitability of breeding even more mounts (establishment of a natural and dynamic balance).
  • Limit the practically exponential proliferation of Dragoturkey capacities, and enable the natural introduction into the game of the chameleon trait for Dragoturkeys.
  • Maintain a constant and healthy challenge around breeding, and no longer offer a system in which herds can be "purified" and then infinitely duplicated without any constraints.

Here are the changes we are envisaging:

Pooling Sheds on an account level

Shed will be managed at the account scale, and no longer specifically per character (like banks).

We would like to discourage the multiplication of characters to artificially increase shed size.

The shed size will not be increased (it will stay at 250); we do not want to encourage breeding on a more massive scale than is currently the case (which is contributing to mount production that we feel is excessive).

We believe that players should make choices about which mounts they want to keep, and that this is a useful mechanic to allow players to not cover all breeding possibilities too easily and allow more players to find a "place" in this system.

Wear and Tear, and Choice of Breeding Item in Public Paddocks

Public paddocks are necessary to ensure simple access to the breeding function for most players, but the lack of wear and tear on breeding items allows certain players to multiply without any limits the number of mounts they breed in public paddocks, by multiplying the number of characters used for breeding.

We are going to remove the breeding items present by default in public paddocks, and have players use their own items (in an instanced manner).

With this change, we want to reintroduce a simple and natural mechanism already present in private paddocks: breeding more mounts will increase wear and tear on breeding items, speed up their destruction, require more of these items be produced, and therefore increase their price.
This mechanism should regulate disproportionate mount production and contribute actively to resource destruction in the game.

Public Paddock Size and Bonuses

Public paddocks will have 10 slots in Bonta and Brakmar and 5 slots in Astrub.
The bonuses earned in public paddocks will be reduced by 20% compared to bonuses in private paddocks.

Number of Public Paddocks

There will be 1 paddock in Bonta, Brakmar, and Astrub.

Transmission of Dragoturkey Traits

Currently, traits are transmitted almost exponentially (over time, it becomes easier and easier to transmit selected traits to other Dragoturkeys).
We do not find this mode of operation satisfactory because it pushes Dragoturkey breeding toward an "optimum" that makes it possible to flood the Dragoturkey market with optimized mounts.
We are going to lower the possibility of transmitting Dragoturkey traits to a 1 out of 20 chance.
It will still be possible to optimize transmission of traits between Dragoturkeys but it will no longer be possible to maintain specific traits infinitely for an entire herd.

Dragoturkeys Generation Reduction

We are going to limit the number of reproductions to 5 per Dragoturkey (compared to 20 currently).
We feel that this change is necessary to reduce Dragoturkey production and lower the possibility of infinitely "duplicating" optimized herds.

Natural Reintroduction of the Chameleon Trait for Dragoturkeys

The Chameleon ability will be able to appear (and be transmitted) naturally in Dragoturkeys.
It will not be reintroduced in the shop.

Impossibility of Breeding Wild Mounts with Non-Wild Mounts

Breeding wild mounts with non-wild mounts will now be impossible.
We believe that the possibility of breeding wild mounts with non-wild mounts makes it too easy to breed and introduce 1 pure genealogy, which goes against the concept of breed genealogies.

Changes in Breeding Item Recipes

All breeding item recipes will be modified to reduce the number of ingredients common to all recipes.

We would like the Boss essences to be the important and limiting factors in these recipes, rather than common ingredients.
We are also going to add "missing" breeding items (those that correspond to Boss essences that haven't yet been used).

Breeding Item Bonus Balancing

Currently, an excessive number of breeding items are not produced or used enough because their bonuses or durability are not deemed sufficient.
We have balanced the bonuses and characteristics of the least-used items; among other things, we have increased the durability of certain breeding items.


Mount Bonus Balancing

Dragoturkey bonuses will be modified so that the first generations' bonuses will be more competitive with those of the later generations.

We also want to ensure that each of the three species of mounts has a significant and specific bonus.
Dragoturkeys will be specialized via a large Vitality bonus, Seemyools will have exclusivity over the MP bonus, and the new species of mount will have a specific bonus that we'll let you discover.

New Species of Mount

A third species of mount will be available with the release of version 2.47; it should fill certain gaps and create a new breeding market.
This species will be more difficult to capture and breed and is destined for the most experienced breeders.

Our goal is to maintain simplified breeding with Dragoturkeys and offer more demanding breeding with Seemyools and the new species.

Characteristic Scrolls (Almost) Exclusive to Dragoturkeys

Doploon gains from fighting Dopples will be eliminated for several reasons:

  • Ultimately, we want to significantly limit the impact of Dopple fights. This daily mechanic is very time-consuming and lacks the depth (uniquely solo activity that does not offer several ways of viewing or going about it) to justify players regularly repeating this activity and devoting a large portion of their playing time to it.
  • We would like to refocus characteristic scroll production on Dragoturkeys to ensure better long-term profitability of this action; breeding them will be a potentially large source of destruction in 2.47, and that should improve the value of resources.

Wanted notices will continue to provide doploons, and can still be exchanged for characteristic scrolls.

Recipes containing doploon pebbles have been modified to use Kolossoken pebbles (in order to increase Kolossoken destruction as a side effect).


We know that these changes mainly place restrictions on breeding and will decrease mount production.

Our goal is to get back to a "healthy" breeding system generating fewer mounts.

We would like individual mount prices to go up, and for that, we need to ensure that the breeding market is not as saturated as it currently is.

Category: Game design