They're short, ill tempered, bearded and aren't afraid of anything. They're the Stubbyobs. These perennially ill-humored warriors are coming to to the World of Twelve. Do you think everything that's small is cute? You're in for a surprise! But first, check out the exclusive graphic research that has given life to these eternally unsatisfied creatures...

Up till now, the Stubbyobs have kept a low profile. To the point that Twelvians had totally forgot they existed. But recently, these surly warriors have poked their noses outside their underground tunnels to come and wreak havoc in the World of Twelve.

Before you find them in game, check out two pages of exclusive graphic research!



The suspended chariots will certainly evoke the famous scene of the foundry and Smaug the Golden Dragon in The Hobbit by Peter Jackson.

Just because they're half as big as a common Twelvian doesn't mean the Stubbyobs have an appetite for tofu! Thus, the never-ending banquets play an important role in their daily lives. Once they've filled their bellies, they're (a little) less grumpy and have all the strength they need to face their enemies!

So if you still want to meet these little guys in spite of their apparent inhospitality, log in to test beta 2.47 now!

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