Following the grouping of the marketplaces, we redesigned their interface for your in-game comfort. Discover below the changes we concocted…

We thought about an interface allowing you to perform more detailed searches among all the items in a marketplace. Here is the list of improvements, as well as how this new marketplace interface works: buying and selling.

You can access this feature via the "Beta Buying Mode" and the "Beta Selling Mode" buttons. When you close the marketplace interface, the last mode active will become the default mode (classic or beta). You can still change mode if you wish.

1 : Buying


The average price and the level of all items in the list are displayed.

All items that can be put up for sale in this type of marketplace (items for sale and not for sale) are displayed in the list; there is an option allowing you to display only items that are currently for sale.

Filters have been added for more detailed searches: primary/secondary characteristics, damage, resistance, weapon effects, consumables' effects, etc.

2 - Selling


The remaining selling time is displayed in the list of items for sale.

Fast, multiple selection to remove items from sale quickly has been added.

An insert presenting items currently for sale with their price has been added.

3 - Popups


The following popups have been reworked for greater clarity:

  • confirm a selling change,
  • confirm the removal of one or more items from sale, and
  • confirm buying an item.

We can't wait to read your feedback!

Category: Developpement