For the next update, we plan to make improvements to all classes in the game. Our goal is to cycle through previous balancing patches in order to provide more variety in choosing spells and creating builds for each class.
This will involve improving the least popular spells, those deemed ineffective. This will also include, as much as possible, balancing spells that are too effective (by making them less effective) so they won't be so indispensable.

A beta version has been set up to coincide with these balancing changes; it is available now and will last through the summer. The length of this testing period should be quite conducive to discussion, and adjustments will be made on the basis of your comments.

To that end, we've added a new section to the forums that will allow us to easily survey your views and respond to them. A topic has been created for each class, and everyone is free to join in. We only ask, as always, that you stay courteous and respect our forum rules. To participate, visit the beta section:

The complete list of the changes is available only currently in French on the forums:


Reduced the erosion applied by spells that also do damage (e.g. Pressure, Blunderbuss, and Mistake): In doing so, we hope to reduce the ability of certain classes to do both heavy damage and erosion in a single turn.

Capped the number of times certain spells can trigger: This relates to spells that heal or do damage if a certain action is performed (e.g. Trident, Spade Kiss, and Voodoo Curse). In general, we lowered the cap for these effects to 3 times, providing more control over the total damage these spells can deal in one turn.

Updated shield points: Shield points will now be calculated using the caster's level instead of their Vitality. This way, characters no longer need to optimize their Vitality if they want to maximize shield points generated, which should allow for greater variety for classes with spells applying Shield (Masqueraider leading the pack). Note: This change is still being tested internally; it will be applied during the beta.

Changed the way splash healing is calculated: The amount for which spells heal will depend on damage dealt (e.g. Blaring Word, Distribution, and Perfusion). Healing generated is now proportional to final damage (after any reductions) instead of initial damage. We want the effect to be more intuitive by making it work more like health steals, while reducing its power against entities that reduce damage. Note: This change is still being tested internally; it will be applied during the beta.


To strengthen the Water path, we updated how Assailing Arrow works by increasing its area of effect and applying a Power bonus to the caster for every entity hit.

Among the other improvements: Sentinel now takes effect once the spell is cast instead of having a 1-turn delay, and Arrow of Judgement has increased Range.


The main change is probably that made to Clover: The spell now applies a 200% critical hit rate for the current turn, reducing the critical hit rate by 200% on the next turn with a recast interval of 2 turns; its AP cost is reimbursed. That means it will no longer be possible to always have a 100% critical hit rate or 0% critical hit rate. We realize this could make it more complicated to use spells that change elements between a normal hit and a critical hit (Playful Claw, for example), and so we will keep an eye out for this issue during the beta.

Other spells will be modified as well, including: Peril works differently; Enraged Kitten gives Power to its summoner; and Audacious now only pushes a target back by 2 cells.


The Shock spell is now cast in a straight line: This spell was too effective relative to its casting limitations, making it easy to replace entities within portal attack range. To compensate, the spell's damage has been increased, which should improve the damage capacity of the Earth path.

Changes were also made to the following spells: Correction's secondary effect has been updated; the AP cost for Stretching has been raised; and Cabal is now an area-of-effect spell.


We've reduced the effectiveness of the spells Stimulating Word, Friendship Word, and Affectionate Word to increase the impact of spells that remove bewitchments from allies with the Stimulated state, as well as the Coney's death: We reduced the duration of the effects of Stimulating Word (from 4 to 3 turns) and extended the time before the Coney is resummoned (from 2 to 3 turns).

At the same time, we made improvements to spells that have been generally underused: Life-Giving Word (no longer consumes the Stimulated state), Sacrificial Word (increases healing received), and Uniting Word (no longer requires line of sight).


We've added additional effects to some Earth spells to make them more useful in more situations: Shovel Throwing now removes Range, while Spade Throw removes MP. Moreover, Shovel Throwing now costs 5 AP and does significantly higher damage, while Peat Bog now costs 4 AP in order to round out this elemental path.

We also decreased the healing done by Armlock and Vivacity, and decreased the Living Chest's Lock.


The Trouncer spell has been removed and will be replaced by a spell (yet to be named) that summons a static Summons invulnerable to ranged damage. Trouncer was redundant with the Feca's other movement spells, and we want to strengthen the Feca's protection abilities by adding this new spell, which will become the Barricade variant. (Manoeuvre will become the Bastion variant.)

Among other things, we also updated the damage of various Air spells to make this elemental path more effective.


The various spells costing 5 AP seemed tactically weak; they didn't allow for combos to be generated effectively, and were thus only good for dealing damage. We therefore made them bi-elemental: They deal two types of elemental damage, generating states in those two elements (following a predefined order), still at a cost of 5 AP. We think they'll be useful more often this way, both for dealing damage and for generating elemental combos.

A new spell will be appearing as well, replacing Elemental Loop, which was redundant with Elemental Cycle: This new shield places a rune on the targeted cell. The rune's element will be that of the last rune placed before it.

Elemental Loop's element change has been transferred to Morph, which will feature this in addition to its other effects.


We reduced the added damage of Pygmachia, which allowed you to do excessive amounts of damage considering the spell's casting limitations. Fit of Rage has had its damage reduced to be more uniform with Sword of Fate, whose damage levels seem more appropriate to us: The spell does twice as much damage when charged.

We have also modified how Condemnation works to make it more useful for the Air path, while also conserving its bi-elemental mechanic: It now deals direct Air damage to the target, and Fire damage if the target is changed.


Tofus no longer gain more damage as their turns progress: The role of the Air Osamodas, in particular, is positioning and minor but frequent damage (harassment), so Tofus' damage bonus was a vestige and no longer really justifiable.

We also modified the effects of the Crop spell in Tofu form: It now pushes enemies back instead of switching places with them. The positioning/movement/replacement capacity of allies and enemies was too powerful with the place-switching effect, without any real counterbalance. This made the Air Osamodas too essential in gameplay, thus making the other elemental paths less appealing. We nevertheless improved how Takeoff works (this spell was already partly replacing the Air Crop's role) by making it so it no longer kills the targeted Summons if it is a Tofu, so it will be more synergistic with the Air path.


Damage and casting limitations for Fire spells have been improved in order to make this path more competitive. We also reduced the pushback distance for Tibia by 2 cells to make the effect more stable (target is pushed back the same number of cells if in a straight or diagonal line), and we changed the Tailing spell's pushback to 2 cells in order to slightly reduce the Ouginak's movement capacity.

Certain spells have also been improved: Calcaneus (attracts by 2 cells instead of 1), Snuggletooth (no longer removes Power), Affection (2 turns to recast instead of 3), and Gripe (grants an immediate bonus to lock and pushback damage in addition to the triggered effects).


We reduced the Range of Cascade (from 6 to 5) in order to slightly reduce the Pandawa's movement capabilities. The damage of Burning Circle has also been reduced: It was too high in relation to its relatively weak casting limitations.

Other spells are getting a few improvements: Filthipint has had its damage increased, while Stretcher now does greater healing.


Fuze no longer applies Kaboom's bonuses via the targeted bomb: This spell is a way to recycle bombs or gain AP at the cost of fewer effects on the bombs. Its use via Kaboom made it too effective at giving allies numerous bonuses.

Some spells have been improved overall: Ruse now applies a Shield on the targeted bomb; Crossing gains Range; the Megabomb's casting limitations have been reduced and its resistance has been increased; and Magnetic Trap now costs 2 AP.


The effects of Suffering (both positive and negative) have been reduced. Since the number of levels of Suffering was reduced in March, you can now raise or lower your Suffering much more quickly, making the bonuses much stronger due to being easier to reach.

We also reworked Coagulation, which now applies Shield to the caster based on how many negative charges of Suffering they have; this should allow the spell to compete with Transposition.

And Riposte now deals damage to the target when the Sacrier is attacked, rather than approaching the target.


Inoculation has had its casting limitations drastically increased: The Spell was too good at quickly spreading the Infected state. It is now linear and has a maximum range of 8.

The Infected state set by the Madoll now lasts for 2 turns and can be unbewitched, making it uniform with other sources of the Infected state.

We also improved the two dolls deemed the weakest: The Sacrificial Doll now applies the Infected state to its target, while the Block now has higher MP and resistance.


The Toxines spell was too difficult to use and not used by many players in general, so we changed how it works to make it more synergistic with traps, while keeping it distinct from Chakra Concentration. Now the poison lasts 2 turns and its damage is higher if the target triggers a trap (once per turn). Its duration is also reset when the target triggers a trap.

The Double and the Plotter work slightly better: They now die at the end of their third turn, allowing the Sram to move a third time right before they disappear.


Assistance can now target allies, making it possible to teleport them on contact with the Foggernaut (healing isn't applied unless it's a turret), and the AP cost has been increased (from 1 to 2). It should therefore be useful in many more situations, making it worth using as compared to Salt Armour.

We also improved other Foggernaut spells: Harmattan (linear casting removed), Torpedo (AP cost reduced but pushback distance also reduced), Corrosion (Range increased), and Surge (damage increased).


The duration of the Telefrag state applied by Mummification has been reduced to 1 turn; the Telefrag state is very powerful, and being able to apply it to everyone 1 turn in advance without any real counterbalance (as the spell can be cast at the end of the turn) made Mummification too essential in the Xelor spell array, allowing for the Telefrag state to be applied without really having to generate any Telefrag. With the effect's duration reduced to 1 turn, it remains useful whenever the Telefrag state needs to be applied on a given turn, thus still fulfilling its "Joker" role, but will now be less all-purpose; there will no longer be any point in casting it at the end of the turn with 2 AP left.

An effect has been added to Temporal Instability that makes it easier to use: Entities within the glyph will now have the Unlockable state. Given how powerful this effect is, the spell's cooldown has been increased (from 3 to 5 turns).


We improved the Grimace spell: Damage suffered by the Summons and the caster no longer increases, and its MP cost has been raised. This should make the spell more often usable with less risk of backfiring on the Masqueraider.

We've also reduced the pushback distance for Boliche while also increasing its Water damage; the spell could do excessive pushback damage relative to its minimal AP cost.
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