"Travelers using the Zaap network have been falling victim to strange incidents. After investigation, it turns out they were experiencing temporal anomalies! They're invisible because they're located at the edges of reality… but their effects are indeed visible. Their presence is disturbing the creatures of the World of Twelve…

And let's not even talk about the other consequences, such as clocks that can no longer tell the time and Xelors suffering from headaches. The anomalies might even cause the Continuum – the very fabric of spacetime – to collapse! Where do they come from? That's a mystery we're trying to solve."

Xelor's Emissary

What Are the Temporal Anomalies?

With Update 2.51, we're integrating a new game mechanic into DOFUS – one that will take you to the four corners of the world.

Just about everywhere in the World of Twelve, the Zaap network is buzzing and characters from another time are turning up in this era. The Watchers need all the world's adventurers to help them close these temporal anomalies.

The monsters around these faulty Zaaps will be stronger and harder-hitting, so it's up to you to go through the temporal anomalies to placate them.

You'll then be transported to known locations in the World of Twelve at different times in order to preserve the spacetime continuum. You'll have to show courage and solidarity to defeat the Chronomorphs, as well as previously unseen bosses from the history of the Krosmoz, such as Julith, the Butcher of Brakmar, Noximilian, and Dathura.

Many rewards await you, and the most worthy among you will have the opportunity to unlock new legendary powers for your pet, petsmount or mount.

Shooting Stars

We needed a player activity regulator and indicator in the various areas, so we worked off the existing star system, which will be modified for the occasion.

The star system was designed to reward players who fight monsters in rarely visited areas or dangerous groups ignored by other players. However, this system has its limitations, as it only takes one group of players to defeat the starred groups to wipe out the bonuses that had built up. You then have to wait several days to receive them again, even if players' activity is concentrated elsewhere. Ideally, it would be better if more players could take advantage of bonuses in neglected areas or on the least-advantageous maps in combat.

The first change is that negative "stars" can be generated. Unlike positive stars, they result in a decrease in experience and loot.

The second change is that these stars are no longer managed for each group of monsters, but in terms of area, depending on the activity of the players within it. The more monsters are killed in an area, the more stars it loses, and the more stars the areas of the same level gain. It works the same way between dungeons of the same level.
Here's a practical (as well as completely random) example:

  • If all the server's players are concentrated in Korriander's Lair, the profitability of this dungeon will decrease, reaching -50% gain in experience and loot. (Note: Soul stones from this monster captured with this penalty will keep it when they are used.)
  • On the other hand, dungeons of the same level (Bworker, Ougaa, Toxoliath) will see their profitability increase (with a maximum of +100%).

Starting areas (Incarnam, Astrub) and events areas (Kwismas, Vulkania, Al Howin, Fleaster) aren't included in this system.

The value of the bonus or penalty applied to an area will be visible in the information on the current map (top left of the screen, next to the coordinates). On the world map, a new filter will allow you to view the positive and negative areas before deciding to go there.

What's That Got to Do With Anomalies?


Let's get back on topic – the anomalies. When and where they appear is directly related to the star system, since anomalies can only exist in areas with negative stars – if you've been following closely, you'll understand they're the areas where there's the most fighting. Anomalies don't appear in dungeons, though.

When an anomaly appears, the monsters in the area get an area modifier and become stronger. The only way to get them back to their normal state is to close the anomaly – in other words, by going and fighting the monsters populating it.

To enter the anomaly in question, simply go to the nearest Zaap. And if there's no Zaap in sight (e.g. in the Divine Dimensions), Zaap vestiges will have appeared that perform their function.

The position of the Zaap (or Zaap vestige) to take will be marked on the world map.

So, Boss Time?


Each anomaly will give you the opportunity to discover or rediscover a theme, era and character that made a mark on the universe we enjoy so much. This character will, therefore, be the guardian of the temporal anomaly.

Each of these guardians you meet will be accompanied by a new monster family: the Chronomorphs.

New monster families means different abilities, so each guardian will be accompanied by a random composition of Chronomorphs, which can adopt different elemental affinities and archetypes.

Clearly, there have to be ones for everyone and not just the Omega +12,000 levels, which is why anomaly monsters adapt to their area level.

All these different factors will make each temporal anomaly unique, both in terms of strategy and challenge.

Time and Time Again…


When a temporal anomaly appears, it has no time limit. However, once the group of monsters from the anomaly has been defeated, you'll only have 10 minutes before the anomaly closes. Rest assured, a timer will be displayed to remind you!

Also, don't panic for players who are in a fight; they can finish it before being extricated from the temporal anomaly. They will automatically be sent back to the Zaap linked to the anomaly that just closed.

As soon as there are no negative stars in the area, the temporal anomaly will close up on its own after 10 minutes.

What You Can Win


New challenges means new rewards! This time, your pet and/or mount will be involved.

Each time you take part in closing a temporal anomaly, you'll have a chance to get a new resource called a time loop, which will allow you to unlock legendary powers that you can apply to your pet, petsmount or mount.

It should be noted that the chances of getting this resource increase with the level of the anomaly.

We'd prefer not to unveil these legendary powers right away, but we can give you an example: "If the bearer uses no MP during their turn, they gain 1 MP on the following turn."

This new single line of effect can, therefore, be added to existing bonuses.
You'll be able to replace it to get one that suits you better for the same pet, but at your own risk of losing an interesting bonus! These powers won't be hereditary when it comes to breeding.

In order to unlock these legendary powers, you'll need to complete a series of brand-new quests and a few extra challenges, but we're still keeping some things under wraps for now. :)

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