Have you thought updates were taking a bit too long to download? Does your 4G data max out with every new version of DOFUS? Soon that'll be ancient history! Read on to learn how the launcher's update engine will change.

Dear adventurers of the World of Twelve, I'm writing today to tell you about the next update coming soon to Retro: 1.39, "Tragic Circus". The whole team has been working hard to bring you this end-of-year update, which – as you will find out by reading on – is a big one!
Sit down, grab a rather large cup of tea or coffee, adjust your glasses, and let's get started!

A merger of merged servers. Long considered impossible, today this magical occurrence is finally within reach… In this article, we explain all the steps we went through to complete the server merger for October. (CW: The word "server" will be used with alarming frequency in this article.)

An all-new system has been implemented to fight detrimental in-game practices. Many of you have asked about this subject. Here is some information to answer your questions.

In order to improve performance and your in-game comfort, a new update, version 1.30.9, is being rolled out to correct several recurring problems. But we're not stopping there! Our work continues with the upcoming release of a new update in a few weeks' time!
You can now see your friends from Ankama Launcher on DOFUS's "social" interface. So, now you can interact with them and see their activity.
Edited on 09/21/2020:
We have published this Devblog some time ago and meanwhile content has been changed. To keep up with the changes, we replaced the outdated visuals and updated the information in the text, marked in red and italics for your convenience.

Some of you regularly use the KE interface to get kamas and Ogrines. This allows you to buy subscriptions in the game and items or services in the shop using ogrines. Others prefer to get kamas so they can buy items right in the game (Marketplace, etc.). There's enough to make anyone happy.

With the last update, work began in response to broad and worrying feedback regarding game stability and performance at the start of the year. We have continued to make progress, and here are the main improvements that will be available in update 2.52.

Following the grouping of the marketplaces, we redesigned their interface for your in-game comfort. Discover below the changes we concocted…

In the 2.29 update, the professions system has been improved, so we used this opportunity to make in-depth improvements to the Smithmagic interfaces also. The effects list display is largely based on a player mod, created by ExiTeD then reworked by Relena. Thanks go to both of you!

Update 2.29 will reveal a new system of managing Critical Hits in the game.

Starting on 5 March of this year, subscriptions and the gifts that come with the subscriptions will be offered in the form of "packs". The subscription periods will still be 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year – and this will not change. If you wish to subscribe, you'll always be able to choose one of these 5 basic packs. The prices will not change either.
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