Greetings, adventurers of the World of Twelve! As with our post on the idols and alliances overhaul, this devblog post aims to share our initial thoughts on other major upcoming changes as early in the process as possible. Our goal here is to get your opinions and feedback on these topics.
For the end-of-year Kolossium update, we shared the first version of our changes with you in a devblog post in late August. That devblog also included a three-question survey about other possible changes we were looking at.

Hello, everyone! Today's devblog follows up on our September 8th livestream about the changes we're making to alliances and challenges. Our goal today is to take a more detailed look at the reasons for these changes, but also to talk about what we're planning to do next. In the interest of total transparency, we'll also be sharing some data from the game and your responses to our last survey about challenges – data that was very helpful to us in zeroing in on the first set of changes that we'll be presenting in this post. So let's get started!

Dear adventurers of the World of Twelve, I'm writing today to tell you about the next update coming soon to Retro: 1.41.

This will be our 10th major update. Time goes by, but the flame never dies out! Well, yes, it's technically the 11th… But Version 1.30 was released at the same time as DOFUS Retro, so we won't count it. Once again, it focuses on visual comfort and added features.

Sit down, grab a rather large cup of tea or coffee, adjust your seat, and let's get started!

Dear adventurers of the World of Twelve,

A brief late-summer lull in our busy schedule seems like a perfect opportunity for another early devblog. As we mentioned at the start of the year and during Japan Expo, we're working on a Kolossium update that will be ready for the end of the year. So now the time has come for us to give you an advance look at the changes we're planning to make – and to address certain polarizing questions that have yet to be resolved. You'll find a survey at the end of this article where you can express your thoughts on these topics. So let's get started!

Besides the Eniripsa and Ouginak, we also took the opportunity to modify some other classes as part of the 2.68 beta. Some only received bug fixes or very minor changes, but four classes in particular saw more significant changes.

For this update, we'll be testing out a new devblog format. Many of you have questions during beta phases about our reasons for modifying this or that class. So we decided to write this devblog to lay out our intentions for you about the changes we're currently working on. We'll discuss what we don't like about these classes, and talk about the modifications we plan to make to them. However, our goal for now is not to exhaustively cover all of the changes and every single spell. You will find those details in the changelog when the update is released. Please also bear in mind that we may make changes to any class as part of an update, but we will only be addressing the most extensively affected classes here.

For this first devblog, we'll be talking about our two lucky picks for a makeover in the June update: the Eniripsa class, which will be seeing some major changes, and the Ouginak class, which will be modified to a lesser degree. So without further ado, here we go!

The god Xelor seizes control of DOFUS Retro for a new gameplay experience that's distinctly out of the ordinary! Having had his fun in not one, but two editions on the Temporis 2.0 servers, he's now back to offer adventurers the chance to play as scrollsayers – this time in DOFUS Retro. Read on to discover what awaits you in this Temporis adventure!
We're always looking for ways to fine-tune and improve existing gameplay systems, and this update is our opportunity to focus on problems associated with idols that have been present for a number of years (as we've discussed here a few times in the past). As usual, this devblog will present our thoughts on the various issues involved, and the improvements we're intending to make. If you have comments or questions after reading this post, please feel free to share them in the comments.
In this first quarter of 2023, we're continuing towards our goal of modernizing the various gameplay systems that are most problematic or otherwise showing their age. After guilds, temporal anomalies, common spells and alliances (coming soon!), incarnations will be the next system to get a thorough makeover. But many of you are wondering: Why change incarnations at all? What will they look like in the future? How will players obtain them? How will you get help to beat difficult quest fights after the change? We've heard all of these questions and more since the announcement, and in this post, we'll do our best to answer them. So here we go!

Back in November, we posted a devblog entry presenting all of the changes and improvements we had planned for the March 2023 alliances update. Many of you commented on that devblog post, and we're very grateful for your feedback. As Logan mentioned in his New Year's greetings for 2023, we'll be trying to put out blog posts like these as early as possible from now on so that you can share your thoughts and concerns about upcoming changes. In light of the large amount of feedback we received and the changes that have resulted from it, we've decided to write up a new devblog post to introduce those changes to you. This will also be an opportunity to explain why certain points will not be changing. So without further ado… here we go!

This year is ending with a bang as new and original content connected to the animated series Lance Dur arrives. Players can celebrate the introduction of not one, not two, but three completely new areas to explore. An entire archipelago is coming to the World of Twelve. Located in the north-east of the Amaknian continent, tons of new adventures await on these islands, which Twelvians forgot about many years ago. In this devblog you will learn more about the rich history of the archipelago and the connection it has with the characters you have probably already met in your adventuring. And as you already know, a new class is being introduced. So, are you ready? Let's go over some of what you will soon be able to explore.
Alliance Revamp Devblog - November 07, 2022 - [Ankama]DOFUS
Planned for the beginning of 2023, the alliances redesign is a titanic endeavour on which our teams have worked for several months. In this devblog, we detail the new system.
We took advantage of Update 2.65 to balance the Pandawa class. Check out the objectives we intend to achieve right now.
Update 2.65 gave us an opportunity to make some changes to common spells, which is something we have been wanting to do for a very, very long time.
Inspired by Temporis and the Tempokens timeline, we wanted to add a similar mechanic to the game. Although incredibly popular, the Temporis editions don't necessarily include all players.
In addition, you play in Temporis with characters progress differently and have different equipment than on the classic servers. What we are proposing here is a progression system with objectives over a set period that can be completed with your classic characters.

To celebrate three years in the World of Twelve, we decided the Temporal Anomalies deserved a bit of renovation! And of course, area bonuses and legendary pets will be part of the change.

Greetings, adventurers of the World of Twelve. I'm writing today to tell you about the next update coming soon to Retro: 1.38, aptly titled the "PvP Update". It's focused on convenience, clarity in combat, and a few tweaks to the tracking system.

As previously mentioned, we're currently working on an overhaul of the game's social aspects – a major change that will extend over multiple updates (and yes, that means you can expect more guild-related changes in the next few updates as well). 
Find out what Update 2.63 has in store for you!
As we announced in the KrosmoNote, we'll be making certain changes to make it easier to complete the quest An Eternal Harvest. In recent years, many of you have shared your feedback with us about this quest, especially the archmonster part of it. It's that portion of the quest that we'll be targeting now. 
The time has come for the World of Twelve's adventurers to celebrate Iop's arrival in their lands. He's fond of nice meals with friends and good old-fashioned beatings, so he's adding some seasoning to the DOFUS Retro experience – his own special seasoning, of course! Temporis is back, and Iop is working to bring everyone their own version of the game, one that is faster, more powerful, and more fun!
This 2021 end-of-year update offers plenty of new content to finish the year in style. We've been talking about it for months now: a modern makeover for Bonta and Brakmar. After Astrub and Pandala, now the World of Twelve's two most iconic rival cities are in line for a facelift. This revamp and its geographic upheavals will be accompanied by new additions to the cities' history… and their sewers. It'll also be an opportunity to learn more about the "Eternal Conflict" between them, its consequences and its origins, and the reasons for this endless confrontation and the forces behind it… 

Dear adventurers of the World of Twelve, today we take our tofu-feather pens in hand to write to you about an update to the mimisymbics system in Retro.
We're no longer satisfied with their implementation in the game, and we've decided to make some changes to certain mechanics.

In this devblog, we'll look at the two major aspects of update 2.61: the modifications to the Kolossium and class balancing!