Go back to the roots of the RPG
In-game May 10
What's Temporis?
Humor and old-school roleplay are the watchwords of this unique adventure in DOFUS Retro! Form your team of four players and carefully choose your class before letting the power of roleplay guide you!

Temporary servers where a parallel adventure to DOFUS takes place that is unique every single time!

Whether apprentice or expert, everyone's the same level here. It's up to you to prove yourself and surprise 'em all! 

Join a guild or create one with friends, have fun while this once-in-a-lifetime experience lasts, and score tons of prizes!
Take it on as a team!
Parchomancia is the kind of adventure in which 
you shouldn't be on your own! 

The character classes you know have been given new things to wear, inspired by classic RPGs - from the mighty mage to the noble paladin, the thief, the sentry, and the boorish dwarf. 

Check them out and carefully choose the make-up of 
your team with your friends! Will you be the most celebrated group of adventurers in this Temporis?
Collect scrolls to unlock 
new spells!

Scrollmagic lets you add to your basic spells with a bunch of scrolls that 
give you new ones. 

Every time you open one, you'll feel that same magical thrill of discovering what's inside!
The tower
Take on the challenges of Mord the wizard and unlock all 42 floors of the Tower of Trials!

The keys to your success are scattered throughout the World of Twelve. One of them may be in the answer to this question: 
Is the guardian of this place a mage with 
immeasurable powers... or an old, half-senile 

Either way, beware of his servant...
Rewards on every level!
... well, almost servant!
Experience potion
Credited when Temporis ends, based on
the Tempokens you acquired during your adventure.
Valuable equipment
Credited when Temporis ends, forged with more or less precious metals depending on
the Tempokens acquired during your adventure, linked to the account upon purchase from an NPC.
Cosmetic set
Linked to the account for 6 months upon
purchase from an NPC
Why pre-register?
1. To get a free
Restores 50 HP.
Once consumed, the Hobnobourglass
reappears as loot in the next fight if you pre-registered.
2. Reserve your
character name
3. Register with
your friends*

* You'll be able to change your server or even your class without having to unregister.
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