There's a new dragon in town…

The "Revenge of the Feathered Dragon" update has been available in DOFUS since Tuesday, July 2, 2019. You'll find the Vulbis Dofus quest, where you can discover the story of the dragon whom the update is named after; as well as the Archipelago of Scales, a new zone with new monsters and items; the redesign of the Dreggon Peninsula; and last but not least, the changes to the classes.

Vulbis Dofus

High-level adventurers who already investigated the temporal anomalies can go see Xelor's Emissary to explore a new, very special anomaly… They'll then set off on a quest to reveal the mystery surrounding the Vulbis Dofus.

Archipelago of Scales

A new zone is available: Crocuzko Island. Located in the Crocodyl archipelago, this small island, struck by the supernatural phenomenon of an endless night, is now a potential destination for the most experienced adventurers. In this place lit only by the pale moonlight, the dark depths of the troubled waters and their inhabitants are more than hostile to any outside presence. No respite will be given to visitors to the ancient city of Crocuzko, built in the heart of this place forgotten by the sun. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Dreggon Peninsula

Taking advantage of the quest for the Vulbis Dofus, the Dreggon Peninsula is getting updated graphics, but two new dungeons are also being added and the wider Dreggon family is getting an overhaul. Come rediscover this exceptional zone!

Class Changes

Since April, our GDs have been working extensively on all the game's classes. We also took this opportunity to offer you a new interface explaining class spell mechanics via the spell window.