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The game servers were updated on Tuesday, August 27 with version 2.52.14. Here is the list of changes.



  • Takeoff: Normal and critical damage are no longer inverted at rank 3 of the spell.
  • Gambol: Damage is now 15 to 17 (CH: 18 to 20) as stated in the tooltip, and not 8 to 10 (CH: 10 to 12).
  • Whirlwind: Normal and critical damage are no longer inverted at rank 2 of the spell when cast on an Albino Toad or Verdant Toad.


  • Carbine: Critical hit damage is no longer less than normal damage at rank 3 of the spell.


  • Break-In: The icon has been changed.
  • Sickrat Trap: The icon has been changed.


  • Hand: The description is complete again.


  • The Feca Dopple glyphs work properly.
  • The missing texts have been fixed in the Osamodas Dopple's and its Summons' spells.

Infinite Dreams

  • In the event of an invalid group of monsters (for example, if monsters have been deactivated), a new group is generated. This solves several issues that were preventing players from continuing to advance in the Infinite Dreams.


  • The description of the Contamination challenge is now correct.


  • When entering the value of kamas to invest in the war effort, the cursor no longer risks jumping out of place abnormally.
  • The following conquest village monsters have been replaced by Poutch Ingballs. Archmonsters no longer appear in these conquest villages.
    • Abandoned Labowatowies
    • Aerdala Village
    • Akwadala Village
    • Feudala Village
    • Terrdala Village
    • Dopple Village
    • Zoth Village