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The game servers were updated on Tuesday, October 8 with version 2.53.05. Here is the list of changes.




  • Lucky Star, Repercussion: The descriptions have now been updated.


  • The Iop spells added or modified in the latest phases of balancing have now been given new effects.


  • The names and descriptions of the Megabomb spells displayed "UNKNOWN TEXT ID". The texts are now correct.


  • Serious Hour, Embalming: The spells' effects have now been added.


  • The spell triggered by the Fallanster's Rectitude legendary shield has been modified to include all types of movement.
  • The poison of the Ebony Dofus can no longer be applied to an ally or oneself.


The Other Side of the Mirror

  • In the objective Send Droopik back to Ohwymi, it is now possible to trigger the fight against Droopik's pack on the Astrub Quarry map.
  • The thirsty Ankamian gives players who have already entered the Ankabar instructions how to enter the Ankabar outside opening hours.
  • Players who have already validated the objective "Manage to get into the Ankabar" can craft the drinks the thirsty Ankamian asks for in order to get an Ankabar pass, provided they don't already have this pass.
  • Some players couldn't see the quest objectives "Tiwagrum Simulation", "Tiwotokar Simulation" and "Tiwaapi Simulation". This has now been fixed. It is possible to regenerate the quest by speaking to the Tiwabbit (valid once per day).
  • The stupefying Ankamian now correctly validates the quest "Perilous Simulations" when all three Tiwabbit simulations have been completed.
  • The Perilous Simulations quest can now be validated as usual with the stupefying Ankamian. Players who have already completed the Perilous Simulations quest but who haven't validated the objective "Ensure that all the indicators are green" can validate this objective by checking the number of anomalies on one of the screens behind the NPC.
  • The red screens now let you follow the objective's community-level progress.
  • Waste: Opening a closed glass bottle now consumes only one bottle.
  • Waste: The time it takes to collect waste has been increased.
  • The Mauve Side of Life: Gobstakl's health points have been lowered and some of his spells are now less effective.


  • The last lines in the chat window no longer disappear. Other improvements and fixes have also been made.
  • Tooltips are now displayed correctly for breeding items in the Marketplace.
  • Information about the contents of Soul Stones is now displayed correctly in the Marketplace.