Spell Previews

  • An exception no longer occurs when an entity is moved over one of Captain Meno's glyphs. The preview is now generated normally.


  • Tiwaapi Simulation: Regenerating the quest objective did not work for players at levels 150–159 and 170–179, but this has now been fixed.
  • Perilous Simulations: The waiting time to reset an objective with the Tiwabbit has been reduced (24 hrs. → 12 hrs.).
  • The Mauve Side of Life: Gobstakl the Goblin now locks adventurers who dare face him less easily; the monsters Bad Influence and Bad Company now have fewer health points.
  • The Other Side of the Mirror: Droopik's pack is now less fierce and the waves are triggered slightly later.


  • The petsmount Dreamagon now takes on the character's correct color.
  • A bug that made it possible to bypass the movement step in the combat tutorial has now been fixed.
  • When logging back in inside a house or an underground paddock, the coordinates displayed on the mini-map were incorrect. This issue has been fixed.