The latest DOFUS update went live on December 11. Will you survive your encounter with the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse?

The Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse

The Eliocalypse continues with the end of the Resonance narrative arc in this update. This new expansion will be rolled out in two stages: a first part containing the lion's share of the expansion will be available to all players in December 2019, while the second part that concludes this expansion will be available in early 2020. Read the associated devblog.

Well of Infinite Dreams Revamp

To celebrate its first anniversary, the Well of Infinite Dreams is getting a little restructuring treatment, along with a nice reward bath. Read the devblog to find out what improvements are planned for this feature.

More Class Rebalancing

There is a detailed description of changes in the Details tab (imagine that!), but you can also (re)watch the Twitch livestream during which our own Crocus, Starbender, and Korri discussed these.

Kwismas Island Is Live

With this update, the holiday event is active! On both classic servers and the Retro version, Kwismas Island will be available until Friday, January 10, 2020.