The game servers were updated on December 18, 2019. Here is the list of changes.



  • Relay: The spell description no longer mentions the Animal Blessing spell.


  • Disconnect problems when monsters in the Corrupted Ones family were attacked with several accounts have been fixed.
  • Corruption's MP have been increased.
  • How some of Corruption's spells work has been modified.

Infinite Dreams

  • The NPC Infinu properly removes 1 x [infinite Reflection] in exchange for the first ornament.


  • Since they've been transformed into ceremonial items, the following items can now be sold in marketplaces:
    • Hir Hat
    • Boratt
    • Platypus Helmet
    • The Hive
    • Stasili
    • Kwismas Sack
  • Since they've been transformed into ceremonial items, the following items can no longer be smithmaged:
    • Grozillamulet
    • Alliance Shield


  • The Wind Is Picking Up: The Doitall Plank item can be traded between characters.
  • Storm Warning: It is now possible to validate the "Repel Misery's personal guard" objective by joining another character's fight without having previously started the fight yourself.
  • Translucent Dreams: It is now possible to talk to Master Novowl to recover the transcription of the Eliotrope prophecy if it is not in your inventory.
  • Journey to the End of Externam: The "Flush out the spies near the camp" objective should now validate properly.
  • Meridiawful Power: The "Destroy the last parasitic bud" objective should now validate properly.
  • Death and Renewal:
    • The "Kernuros's Power" quest item is indeed now given by the NPC Kernuros.
    • In the event that the "Use Kernuros's power to seal the tree's power" objective couldn't be validated, talking to Rafflesia the Foul will enable a teleportation to the last room of Corruption's dungeon while crediting the quest item. (Logging back on after this correction may be necessary.)
    • Interacting with all the blue flowers in the sub-area properly validates the associated objective.
  • The Longest Day: The requested amount of Temporal Shards has been reduced.
  • With a few possible exceptions, idols can no longer be used during fights against the quest monsters linked to Eliocalypse quests.


  • When using the lottery, the item name no longer displays "null".


  • When making several marketplace purchases in a row, the focus no longer changes to another item.
  • A short delay during which confirmation is blocked has been added to the price change pop-up to prevent inadvertent confirmation.
  • The visual for the Cra Headgear has been fixed for certain male Fecas.
  • The position of riders on Rhineetle mounts has been fixed for the 3/4 back view. The character is now centered properly.
  • Show/hide options for people not logged on among ANKAMA friends and in-game contacts are now saved.
  • The option (Social UI) is saved to display only Ankama friends who are online in DOFUS.
  • Several maps have been fixed in the new zone, and a northern transition has been added to map 202246148.
  • Ensembles have been turned back on but the following change rolled out with version 2.54 has been canceled: The latency when updating an equipment ensemble has been reduced.