The game servers have been updated. Here is the list of changes.



  • Scaphander: The pushback damage bonus values have been balanced.

Infinite Dreams

  • An explanation of the changes is available in this post (in French).
  • The dream point gain has been changed slightly to add value to rooms with high scores.
    • The maximum base dream point gain has been reduced from 400 to 350.
    • The score's influence is increasing from 1% to 2% (extra gain per score point above or below the floor).
  • Each keeper's Power has been reevaluated, taking into account their success rate.
    • On top of that, keepers in waves have been evaluated upward.
  • The score formula has been reworked:
    • The importance of the map has been reduced for weak keepers.
    • The scores have been increased slightly on lower floors (200–220).
    • The impact of nightmares and paradoxes has been reduced slightly.
    • The keeper's double is slightly more highly valued than before.
  • The experience gained now increases on all floors. Each score point above (or below) the floor increases (or reduces) the experience gained by 1%.
  • The drop rate for legends has decreased in Dream chests.
  • The drop rate for small characteristics bonuses has increased.
  • The Dreamer 2–13 ornaments are now available from the NPC Infinu on the map to enter the Well of Infinite Dreams.


  • Servitude's damage reflection will now work correctly, even after having suffered damage 10 times in one turn.