• Adventurers who were involved in rescuing Jullier can go back to see Entropix near the Amakna Village Clock. If they go through with this final step, they'll finish the series of quests of the first chapter of the Eliocalypse.
  • Experienced heroes who found out why the Plagues wanted to start a war in Cania can continue their journey by talking to Maysial on the heights of the Petrified Hoarse Heath. They must again face the Four Horseman in the heart of the Eliocalypse Storm to ensure a future for the World of Twelve.


  • Summons' spells now have a predetermined order and will no longer change after each maintenance cycle.


Several spells have been changed. An explanation of these changes is available here:


  • Transformation bonuses stack twice in each element, for a theoretical total of:
    • 2 MP
    • 19% damage reduction (90% × 90%)
    • 8% of HP healed at start of turn (16% when below 30% of total HP)
    • 20% extra damage
  • The duration of bonuses for one's own transformation cannot be reduced. (unchanged)
  • An Osamodas cannot give bonuses to another Osamodas player.


  • If the target is another Summons, the recast interval is increased from 2 to 4 turns.

Spiritual Leash:

  • The revived player dies at the end of their second turn.
  • AP cost: 3 ⇒ 5
  • Recast interval: 7 ⇒ 5


  • The mark cannot overlap with itself or even with a trap.

Aquatic Wave:

  • The damage increase goes down as the number of attacks increases: 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%.


  • Gives 2 summoning charges.


  • Repositioned Summons lose 100 MP for 1 turn (like Eniripsas' Coneys).

Chestnut Gobball

  • Grazing
    • Gives a shield to allies around the caster and the targeted enemy (requires a target).
    • The fewer allies the caster has to protect, the stronger the shield's effect is. Does not affect the caster.
    • Shield (level 200, 1 ally): 665
    • Shield (level 200, 2 allies): 360 (720 max stacked)
    • Shield (level 200, 3 allies): 255 (765 max stacked)
    • Shield (level 200, 4 allies or more): 200 (800+ max stacked)
    • Initial recast interval: 1 turn
    • Area of effect: 1 cell around the Gobball and/or the enemy, including diagonals.
    • Casts per turn: 1

Melanic Wyrmling

  • Diagofire
    • Maximum range: 7 ⇒ 4

Albino Wyrmling

  • Dragon Conflagration:
    • Maximum range: 5 ⇒ 4
  • Incandescent Dragofire:
    • The healing no longer affects the caster.
  • A bug that made it possible to summon the same Summons several times has been fixed.
  • The Gobball Transformation's "dancing" attack animation is now shorter.


  • The Fantastic Ballads area was previously misspelled in French ("ballades") and has now been corrected ("balades").
  • You can now face the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse in the Well of Infinite Dreams.
  • Four new legendary items associated with the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse have been added as rewards in the Well of Infinite Dreams Chests.
    • Important! Corruption Pestilence will not be craftable immediately after the update is released. However, you will be able to collect and keep the resources required to craft it in order to do so later.


  • The Roots of Evil:
    • The number of Putrid Saps required has been reduced to 15.
    • The number of Demongrel Seeds required has been reduced to 3.
  • Meridiawful Power:
    • When a PC has already been to the Vagabonds' Tree once as part of the quest, the PC can now go back there at any time by talking to Magus Ax in Astrub.
    • The Bivoak Potion can now only be used as part of the quest or once it has been completed.
    • The Bivoak Potion no longer allows cooperative crafting.
    • The Meridiawful idol now works correctly and its score has been changed to 10 in order to avoid having to use a second idol.
  • Journey to the End of Externam:
    • The gameplay of the "Play the war drum somewhere conducive to battle" objective has been improved.
  • One Box to Rule Them All:
    • Pandora's "Reviving Coplanar Transposition" spell now has a three-turn recast time and the heal value has been doubled.


  • The powers of the following legendary items have been changed:
    • Jahash Jurgen's Cloak
      • The % Resistance bonus now lasts two turns.
    • Bram Worldbeard's Crown
      • The Power bonus now lasts two turns.
      • The bearer is also granted the bonus when they suffer a Range reduction.
    • Dodge's Audacity
      • The effects that didn't need to appear in the combat chat window or bewitchments have been removed to improve readability.
  • The configuration of the Ebony Dofus has been improved and now affects the game's performance much less, especially in fights with lots of entities.


  • Performance when entering a fight has been optimized to avoid the client crashing and desyncing in certain fights.
  • In fights, carried entities' status icons are now displayed.
  • An ALT + 7 shortcut has been added to show/hide status icons.
  • The damage preview has been fixed when pushback damage is inflicted on an enemy with Klime's Paradox activated and the player is in the Pacifist state.
  • In fights, an entity's death is no longer displayed twice when extra damage is inflicted.
  • The minimum HP threshold bar (yellow color) is now displayed.
  • The way in which the range of transformed Ouginaks' spells is displayed has been fixed.
  • Losing a challenge with a sidekick no longer bolds the chat window.
  • The occasional disappearance of lines in the chat windows has been fixed.
  • The way in which links are displayed in the guild and alliance announcements has been fixed.
  • The way in which links are displayed in the chat window has been fixed.
  • The number of linked ogrines displayed in the in-game shop is now correct.
  • Promotional descriptions in the in-game shop have been improved.
  • A tooltip has been added for all items in the gift interface.
  • Errors that occurred when dragging and dropping a set of items have been fixed.
  • You can no longer add items to be broken from the breakage result window.
  • You can no longer purchase an unwanted item during simultaneous purchases.
  • Automatic purchases can no longer take place when the focus is on the search field in the Marketplace.
  • In selling mode, the Marketplace list no longer scrolls automatically when selecting or deselecting.
  • Changing characters from the game no longer brings you back to the character selection screen.
  • An information pop-up about the Eliocalypse has been added when the game is launched for the first time with a character.
  • The pop-up while transforming into a soul when a character dies has been replaced by a notification after the first time the character dies.
  • The XP bonus icon on the character selection screen now disappears when the character is deleted.


  • A calculation error has been fixed. It made it possible to not trigger the HP thresholds by inflicting eroded damage greater than the damage suffered.
  • The sub-areas of the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse are now associated with the Zaap vestiges in the War's Wounds sub-area.
  • Following feedback from some players, various spelling corrections have been made to in-game texts.