The game servers have been updated. Here is the list of changes.


  • Replacement: The spell no longer consumes the Osamodas's charges.


  • Jahash Jurgen's Cloak: The resistance bonus is now 3% instead of 5%.
  • Servitude's Embrace: The Unmovable state is correctly removed when the bearer suffers damage.

Infinite Dreams

  • Corruption's Nightmare: Healing is triggered correctly.


  • The Longest Day:
    • The Temporal Anomaly Rift appears correctly again when using the Temporal Prism.
    • If the Temporal Prism has been used, you can get another one from Gizmond Quelyn.
  • The Root of All Evil: What was preventing the first objective from being validated has been fixed. PCs who already started the quest must go back to the Arch of Vili before using the Chronomagic Clock Hand – they may have to leave the map, then go back to it, for the situation to be fixed.
  • Journey to the End of Externam:
    • The quest fight correctly teleports victorious players.
    • Players are credited a War's Drum when they go back to the Valkyr quest map if it was consumed.
    • Players are credited a Soulbreaker Potion when they go to the quest map if they lost the item.
  • The War in Cania Won't Happen: Maysial now suggests going back inside the Clock after consulting the archives.


  • The texts explaining class mechanics appear correctly again.
  • In some cases, after going through the Well of Infinite Dreams, the monster levels displayed at the end of a fight outside the Well of Infinite Dreams were those inside the Well. This display problem has been fixed.
  • In the Bestiary, some items of loot didn't appear on monsters anymore. This display problem has been fixed.


  • The problem entering the Lair of the Giant Kralove has been fixed.